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  1. Cleared this with Neil before Xmas.


    I've had a few sets of fore-end extensions CNC'd for the Walther 300/400 adjustable fore-end as I and a couple of mates had a few we could use.


    The new ISSF rules allow 30mm more depth, so i've made them exactly the same as the originals, just 30mm longer between centres. They fit perfectly.


    The image below shows the difference between the new ones fitted (top) and the original ones fitted (below). Aside is a shot of the original and new links on their own.


    They will lay pretty flat but not quite as flat as the originals, but they start where the others finish meaning you can have a complete range of heights from min to max ISSF.


    If someone fancies a set then they're £15 for a pair delivered. It's not a money making scheme, they're just there if someone wants a set or two.

    Click on the attached thumbnail for a larger image.


  2. For sale : Walther LG300xt Anatomic
    Serial 36005, so one of the first made.
    This is a superb example, excellent condition, apart from a small mark (sub 1mm as a guess) on under the muzzle, and a couple on the riser block, and the spin marks from unscrewing the cylinder I cannot spot another defects. Never been pulled apart, on a plane or played with, just indoor 10m at Bisley and my local club. D Class British Championship winning rifle 2015
    Case included. Vgc. Always travelled by car.
    Had it since I bought off original owner who put less than a tin through it before having to give up 10m.
    Spare cheekpiece as the early ones suffered splits (and mine did), so there's a good on on it now and a spare to play with.
    3.6, 3.8, 4.0 & 4.2mm inserts for the foresight. Adapter and butt post with weights (now ISSF illegal, hence reason not on rifle)
    Full set of paperwork, but the small amount of tools I had with it are no longer as I use my own.
    Just to clarify this is a 10m power rifle (F stamped).
    Can supply more pics of any areas of interest.
    £1350 (cash or bank transfer) f2f or depending on location can arrange to meet up or someone to transit.


    Advertised elsewhere.

  3. You may be in for a wait, the 7002 does not come up for sale that often.


    By the way, there is no 7020, that's the complete sight set of a 7002 Universal rearsight and 6832 foresight.


    Correct. The set is called the 7020. The sight is called the 7002. There are two versions (left handed versions aside)... the 7002/10 which has 10 clicks per revolution and the 7002/20 which has 20. The sight changes the same amount per revolution, the 20 click version allowing less movement per click. 1mm per click for the 20, 2mm per click for the 10, @ 50m.


    Info here



  4. would this possibly fit another rear iris? I have a walther rearsight iris....

    Unlikely, these mirrors screw onto a Centra iris in place of an existing ring on the unit - the ring can alternatively be replaced with coloured versions. Centra make another product, the Mirror 'Stranger', which might well fit on your Walther unit.


    Ta donald :)

  5. Is that a hairline crack on the rearsight, just in front of the back mounting screw?


    Hope this guy likes a joke and doesn't have a weak heart!


    I can't see anything...! :blink:

    Try highlighting my entire post by dragging your mouse over the text, you might see something then. :glare:


    Dagnamit...! :angry: :D Phew... ;)


    Shouldn't you be off looking for 4.2mm x 1.0mm centra high end foresights Ryan? :P

  6. Centra indoor iris 0.8-1.8 19201001 , with clear, grey, yellow, peach, blue and amber filters. Black with black eye ring. Box + tool included. £ 60 posted.


    Unknown rearsight. Thought to be FWB, but haven't been able to see one like it. As new, unboxed. Includes eyepiece. £50


    Centra Block Club Sight Blocks for Anschutz. Ajustable in height from 10-22mm in 4mm increments and also can be offset either left or right by 4mm. VGC, but allen and torx keys not included. £40 posted. SOLD




    Can take paypal...or cheque. :)