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  1. Robf

    Feinwerkbau 601 For Sale

    i know someone that might be interested in this... will pass the details on. But it would be great if you could email me the photos and where you are in the world etc... to rfarn@ukfsn.org ta rob
  2. Robf

    Bits 'n' Pieces

    Can you describe this?
  3. Robf

    Bits N Bobs For Sale

    shoe is back up for sale
  4. Robf

    Bits N Bobs For Sale

    Centra High End Glass insert M22 4.0 x 1.2 Unused £ 7.50 posted SOLD Centra High End Glass insert M22 4.0 x 1.4 Unused £ 7.50 posted SOLD Anschutz Trigger Shoe 5080 U1 as seen here As new, boxed £ 15 posted. Anschutz Pellet sorter box (theblue one where you shake and they all fall into the holes, as seen here) Almost as new £ 7.50 posted SOLD 2 x Bipod Rifle Stands (very similar to this Used, but in good nick £ 5 posted each. one SOLD Can do paypal, cash or cheque. ta guys.
  5. Robf

    Anschut 8002 - Sights For Sale

    Matt, can't believe your going to have to let this go... a shame. I think Jon will tell you the 8002 is probably better left in 10m mode, but he may say otherwise. Private message on it's way.
  6. Robf

    Anschutz 2002 Or 8002, Or Similar

    Likewise...PM and email. Let me know if the email doesn't get to you for any reason.
  7. Robf

    Anschutz 2002 Or 8002, Or Similar

    Hi Constantine, I have a 2002 that I am selling... just haven't got around to it. It's pretty good nick, without sights... i can't actually say it's damaged at all. Comes with the anschutz normal butt plate, but I also have a Mec, which you could fit a hook to. I've got a 3p shelf for it as well... If you can PM me your email address I can take some pics for you if you like. Cheers Rob
  8. Robf

    Ese Ambidextrous Sling + 4571 Hand Stop

    56 views? i'll take an offer...
  9. Sling has seen 6 months weekly usage, handstop hasn't been used at all. Ideally not wanting to split as the ball swivel that comes with the 4571 is on the sling... Sling is black £50 posted, cheque or paypal.
  10. Robf

    Bits And Pieces

    hi, can you give me a link to the anschutz spirit level pic? cheers rob