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  1. Pictures added. Bipod Centra will be given for free. Open to offers. Regards, Andrew
  2. Less then 2 years old, I bought it brand new, very well looked after, barrel cleaned after every shooting session. Can be used for 3p and prone. Hand rising block, handstop, butt-plate included. Sights not included. Reason for sale- need space on FAC for another rifle. Average market price for £2500. I'm asking for £2000. Real bargain! Pictures on request. Regards, Andrew
  3. Nothing special- just old style Walther buttplate. It was supplyed with Walther KK200.
  4. Hi guys. I'm looking for a buttplate hook for a butt plate shown below. If anybody got one for sale or knows were I could get one, please let me know.Thank you in advance. Regards, Andrew
  5. With such a signature you want to sell rifle ? Just kidding....
  6. What rifle you want to buy instead?
  7. Hi,I'll take it. Please contact me. 07960661130 Andrew.
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