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  1. Hi Tim and Rose


    I am pretty local to Tim and I am at the LRC on Sunday 9th October if it helps.


    We have the inter Plymouth cities in the World match on the Malcolm Cooper range and we shoot it as a postal with an annual trip to the LRC.


    Tim you could even come and shoot and come with me in my car if you wish!



    Thanks Robert - I shall be on the Malcolm Cooper range all morning with the West Kent Rifle League. We then go for a carvery lunch in the ATSC so it looks like you follow us on the range in the afternoon. Tim will be posting me a cheque.


    Look forward to seeing you there,



  2. Would have to check the club funds, but a 1907 stock is better than an 1807. What sort of price were you looking for?





    How does £50 sound ? I shall be at the LRC next Sunday 9 October, also either 26 or 27 November and again on 4 December.



  3. OK - I have four spacers. two wedge and two flat. They are in my 1907 stock which I no longer use.


    I'd like to sell the stock complete with spacers. I could sell it without, but then whoever buys it can't adjust the cheekpiece...


    Anyone interested ?



  4. It's a thin plastic spacer designed for the 18/1907 cheek piece. They come in different thicknesses and also wedge shaped. Different combinations of spacers under the cheek piece allow you to adjust the height and angle of it.



  5. Yeah, I noticed that too. They look identical to the boots I used 20 yrs ago. :o


    Thanks for checking the size of yours Chris :)


    We might just have to treat ourselves... Bob's been muttering something tonight about "having" to go to Bisley sometime over the weekend to "get some targets for the club"

    ;):lol: :lol: :lol:



  6. Several members of our club have now bought a Swift scope (model 836 Lynx). Comes complete with tripod (which is actually a bit small - but hey, it does have a tripod mount!) :D It's angled, a very compact size, has a retractable sunshade B) , zooms from 15-45x60mm :blink: has a separate, adjustable focus ring and even comes with a photo adaptor (OK, so all shooters aren't necessarily into astrophotography, but you never know till you try..! B) ) The optics are just stunning. :o



  7. I didn't mind the first message as such, but the flood of other messages was simply a blatant attempt to advertise his website. As if we hadn't got the message already. And then the language... which was definitely the last straw. Anyone who responds in such a way does not belong here. I certainly won't miss him (or his website)



  8. Which model is it ? I think you'll need to be more precise than that ! ... :? Can I suggest you look at the Edenkillie site (Neil: that wasn't intended to be a commercial plug - it's just that the site has some really clear pictures of the Centra rearsights) and let us know ?