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  1. Why not buy 2 S200Ts? It's an economical choice for a very capable rifle. If they're shooting 80's at the moment, they would probably benefit from a light gun anyway if they're still training up. The flat bottom on the stock promotes good posture like a match rifle, and they're plenty accurate, the only downside is a lack of a regulator.


    While some may fault the trigger, every one I've laid my hands on (quite a few for the record) has tuned up brilliantly, and it's not a difficult thing to do in the slightest. As a training tool, I only wish our club could afford to buy more than the one.




    Many thanks - sounds worth looking into.



  2. Posting this on behalf of our Club Secretary...


    We are a small club with about 12 full time members. We all shoot .22 prone, and some shoot air rifle / pistol. Three of our club members have been shooting air rifle and have attained averages in the mid 80s. They have all been using an air rifle loaned to the club. Unfortunately we are about to lose the weapon as the owner is leaving the club, which means our shooters will be unable to continue. The club committee has decided it can afford to spend a maximum of £500 acquiring a target air rifle (ie: Anschutz, FWB, Walther, Steyr).


    Bob Atkinson

    Secretary, Westerham Miniature Rifle Club


    Please PM me if you have, or know someone who has, a suitable rifle for sale...




  3. HELP!


    Any advise would be appreciated I have stated to play with some air dry latex in the vain hope of making a mould, but have ended up making cheap condoms instead!


    The condoms come in terminal screwdriver handle sizes up to large monkey wrench or for you normal people sml med and large


    p.s. don't order too many at once as they take about three days to do one as my technique is not quite right yet!


    Still having problems with your technique then Nigel ? :wacko::wacko::wacko:



  4. The latest issue of Target Sports had a box ad just inside the back cover for an LP5 little used due to injury and a fancy divng cylinder for air storage for circa £630 the lot. Sonded like a good deal as the air kit had cost £350.

    Thanks for the heads-up on this one Robert - the pistol will be mine tomorrow ! :D:D



  5. I did woodwork at school...

    I desperately wanted to do woodwork at school but I was a girl and wasn't allowed ! I had to do sewing instead - and I hated every minute of it :angry: :angry: :angry:


    Am not doing the meeting, but may well be at Bisley on Sunday to support one of our Juniors (and a junior lady at that... :D:D ) who is shooting in the Eley final.



  6. I have never found a good position either!


    I have seem some people make their own as a solution

    If only I had the tools to do it...


    I've put up with it for years and never achieved a consistent hand position, but only realised since I started shooting pistol what a good fitting grip should feel like... and the one on my KK200 is nothing like it ! It's too long and the "bulge" is in totally the wrong place (too low) so my hand usually floats at the top of the grip with little contact. No wonder it feels inconsistent !



  7. I have never found a comfortable position for my right hand on my KK200 stock and have concluded that the pistol grip is too big. It says " M" on the bottom so am assuming they do a "S"... anyone got one they'd like to sell me for a reasonable price ?




    PS - The stock is grey/black