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  1. Rose

    Upgrading The Forum

    Looks great !
  2. Rose

    Varga 3000 Shooting Frames, Boxed

    Are these still available ?
  3. Rose

    Olympic Ticket For Ladies 3P

    Yes please ! PM sent.
  4. My Steyr LP5. Comes with a new grip (small-medium) two cylinders, three 5-shot magazines plus one single shot. £795 Being sold via Surrey Guns, see here. Returning to rifle shooting and I need the funds for a new jacket and sling ! Rose Now sold
  5. Rose

    For Sale - Steyr Lp5 With New Grip

    This pistol has now been reduced to £725 on GunStar. Happy to sell to anyone here for £690...
  6. Rose

    Club Air Rifle Wanted

    Posting this on behalf of our Club Secretary... We are a small club with about 12 full time members. We all shoot .22 prone, and some shoot air rifle / pistol. Three of our club members have been shooting air rifle and have attained averages in the mid 80s. They have all been using an air rifle loaned to the club. Unfortunately we are about to lose the weapon as the owner is leaving the club, which means our shooters will be unable to continue. The club committee has decided it can afford to spend a maximum of £500 acquiring a target air rifle (ie: Anschutz, FWB, Walther, Steyr). Bob Atkinson Secretary, Westerham Miniature Rifle Club Please PM me if you have, or know someone who has, a suitable rifle for sale... Thanks, Rose
  7. Rose

    Club Air Rifle Wanted

    Many thanks - sounds worth looking into. Rose
  8. Rose

    Pistol Grip For Kk200

    I have never found a comfortable position for my right hand on my KK200 stock and have concluded that the pistol grip is too big. It says " M" on the bottom so am assuming they do a "S"... anyone got one they'd like to sell me for a reasonable price ? Rose PS - The stock is grey/black
  9. Rose

    Remember Me

    I'm still getting problems - even though I'm logged in, when I click on a message thread to view it, I get told I'm not logged in ! And it's getting more frequent too. Rose
  10. Rose

    Remember Me

    Me too - but frequently just in the last week or so for some reason ? Rose
  11. Rose

    Chalk Targets

    That's what Nigel's trying to do... only he's having trouble making the moulds Rose
  12. Rose

    Chalk Targets

    Still having problems with your technique then Nigel ? Rose
  13. Rose

    Photo Gallery

    Well done Neil ! The forum is going from strength to strength. Rose
  14. Rose


    My other half has a pair of size 10 Sauer boots for sale... Rose
  15. Rose

    Steyr Lp5 Or Lp50

    Thanks for the heads-up on this one Robert - the pistol will be mine tomorrow ! Rose
  16. Rose

    Steyr Lp5 Or Lp50

    Looking to buy a second hand Steyr LP5 or LP50, five shot air pistol. Willing to pay c. £500 ish ? Rose
  17. Rose

    Pistol Grip For Kk200

    I desperately wanted to do woodwork at school but I was a girl and wasn't allowed ! I had to do sewing instead - and I hated every minute of it :angry: :angry: :angry: Am not doing the meeting, but may well be at Bisley on Sunday to support one of our Juniors (and a junior lady at that... ) who is shooting in the Eley final. Rose
  18. Rose

    Steyr Lp5 Or Lp50

    Cool ! Do you think Graham would let me try it before buying ? Rose
  19. Rose

    Pistol Grip For Kk200

    If only I had the tools to do it... I've put up with it for years and never achieved a consistent hand position, but only realised since I started shooting pistol what a good fitting grip should feel like... and the one on my KK200 is nothing like it ! It's too long and the "bulge" is in totally the wrong place (too low) so my hand usually floats at the top of the grip with little contact. No wonder it feels inconsistent ! Rose
  20. Rose

    Compressed Air Target Rifle Wanted

    Bit difficult to hold with one hand isn't it ? Sorry... couldn't resist ! Rose (bored...)
  21. Rose

    Unertl Rifle Scope

    This is now sold. Rose
  22. Rose

    Unertl Rifle Scope

    I just listed this on Ebay... Unertl target rifle scope A 20 x 1 1/2 inch target scope with standard mounts, fine crosswire with 1/4 inch Unertl dot at 100 yds. It is used but in immaculate condition. No dings or scratches. Originally cost £599 at the NSRA. Yours for a Buy-it-now price of £250. Rose
  23. Rose

    Database Corruption

    Hmmm... wouldn't have anything to do with yesterday being the anniversary of Dunblane would it ?? Rose
  24. Rose

    Anschutz 19 Series Stock Wanted

    A Gemini Ultra for less than half price ??? You can't say that and not give us more details ! Which one ? Pictures please... You might have an auction on your hands. Rose
  25. Rose

    Comb Spacers

    OK - see you there. If you can't identify me from this picture just ask around. Rose