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  1. Iain D

    Shooting Glasses For Pistol

    If anyone has a pair of glasses for pistol shooting that are no longer required please let me know, would like side shields as well. Thanks Iain D
  2. Iain D

    10M Pcp Match Air Pistol

    Really enjoying my pistol shooting and would like an upgrade from my FWB65 springer, not that it does not shoot well, but would like to find something a bit lighter, cash waiting. Thanks Iain D
  3. Iain D

    Mastershot Cloth Badge (1980 Ish)

    Hi John, Yes I am interested, I was looking for the circular one that was for small bore but I don't know if there was any difference in what was issued. Thanks Iain
  4. Iain D

    Buttplate Wanted

    Hi Kenny I have emailed you with some information, I'll await to hear from you Regards Iain D
  5. Iain D

    Buttplate Wanted

    Hi Kenny, I have a 4765? the one with the four rods that can be adjusted in fact I have two lying around, give me a call if you are interested and I'll try and get a photo to you. Regards Iain D
  6. Iain D

    Mastershot Cloth Badge (1980 Ish)

    Hi, a bit of a long shot but does anyone happen to have an old NSRA Mastershot cloth badge going spare, I am trying to put a framed picture together for displaying in the club at Perth and this is the one that has gone astray. I am going to look at a lot of the old club jackets to see if there is one there. If you have one or your club has one lying about I would like to give it a good home all framed up. Drop me a note with a price etc. Many Thanks Iain D
  7. Iain D

    Rear Sight Iris

    Sarah, I've sent you a message. Iain Davidson
  8. Iain D

    Wanted Gemini Butt Plate

    If anyone has one and would be willing to sell please get in touch, it would have too be able to fit an Anschutz Thanks Iain D ******Sorted thanks for looking*******
  9. Iain D

    Shooting Frames Wanted

    Hi, does anyone out there have a pair of shooting frames they don't require, my eyesight is not as good as I thought it was so any help would be appreciated. Iain D
  10. Iain D

    Selling Up

    I have had a firm commitment to buy no conditions attached so the riflr is on hold untill the payment comes through. All those who were interested have been e-mailed and made aware of the situation Thanks Iain D ******* THE RIFLE HAS NOW BEEN SOLD ****** All other items that have been sold have been marked in the top post
  11. Iain D

    Selling Up

    Just an update so as everyone knows the score, I have marked on the original post some items that Ken has sold so please be aware of this. I have one interested party viewing the rifle on Sunday afternoon and will update this thread if anything comes of this Regards Iain
  12. Iain D

    For Sale Fas 604 Pistol

    Got your e-mail Phil, glad you like it and all the best with it. Regards Iain D
  13. Iain D

    Selling Up

    Just to keep everyone informed, there are now two interested in the rifle, if you could get back to me over the weekend it would be appreciated, as for the viewing the rifle not a problem for Sunday afternoon if this helps, contact tel 01738 827693 mobile 0777 444 1082 Thanks Iain
  14. Iain D

    Selling Up

    Silly question perhaps but Ive been caught out before, is this scope suitable for any sights? it does have fine hairs? s The Scope has fine a fine crosshair and a center dot, as faras it being suitable for any sight comps I would think it would be unless there is a top limit to the magnification. Ken who used this rifle and sight had plenty of success in NSRA bench rest comps. Regards Iain D
  15. Iain D

    Selling Up

    Selling Up A gentleman at our club has now decided to call it a day, and therefore has the following for sale, Anyone who may be interested can get in touch to ask questions or to arrange viewing at Perth City and County Small Bore Rifle Club There is:- R/H Anschutz Match 54 action 1411 .22 rifle with 1813 Butt hook, handstop and bipod Sling and hook (SOLD) Ear defenders (SOLD) SB200 Ammo box (SOLD) Anschutz shooting cap 2 x butt spacers (SOLD) 2 x rubber eyecups (1 SOLD) Cleaning rod and rod guide (SOLD) Canvas rifle case (SOLD) All the above for £325 Next we have Hoppes front bench rest with sand bag pad £40 There is also an Optimate telescopic sight 6 x 24 x 40 crosshair and dot reticle, complete with mounts £140 There is an Opticron spotting scope stand with collar adapter £30 And finally there is a box of perspex elements and a spirit level for the foresight £45 (SOLD) All the prices are negotiable, but to be realistic, make us a good offer and we would consider it Contact Ia.davidson@btopenworld.com or tel 01738 827693 Pictures can be e-mailed to anyone interested Thanks Iain D