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  1. Would you be willing to post the buttplate to the Republic of Ireland? If so, how much?
  2. Sandy

    Fas 604

    For Sale: Withdrawn. FAS 604 .177"/4.5mm Target Air Pistol. Mods, please delete.
  3. Year of manufacture 1979/1980. I have 177291. Rutty It'll be 1980
  4. Sandy

    Anschutz Super Match 54

    More to the point I don't think the stock and barrelled action are original to one another. I'd say there's a dozen years plus between them. That could be an upgrade or a downgrade depending, I suppose, on where you're starting from. If it works, i.e. doesn't fold up when you aren't expecting it, the butthook is quite cool.
  5. 1913 L/H stock c/w all metal fittings. Any interest @ £250?
  6. What condition, and how much? I've already bought that one, sorry. I'd still be interested in the answer (or an approximation), if either of you are prepared to disclose it.
  7. I'd recommend metal also; barrel life can be a bit short with a wooden rifle.
  8. Amen to that. More than a shame if they're in decent condition. Better to see them passed on some way they might be shot again, or do you get a bounty for scrapping them? Might someone like Yardman take them? Americans would pay good money for these if in any condition at all. Why not try Mac Tilton http://mtguns.com/, he has an agent in the UK that buys up old club guns for the US benchrest/collector market.
  9. Right- or left-handed? Sandy.
  10. Sandy

    Left Handed

    I have a spare l/h late 1813 / early 1913 Anschutz stock I'd be willing to sell. PM me if you're interested & I'll send you pix & a price. Regards, Sandy.
  11. I'd be pretty certain it's an early 16 series (transitional between 14 & 18 series). The features on the stock are consistent with this but who's to say this is the original stock - Chris says he got it 2nd++ hand? I think the HI proofmark is 1978. Regards, Sandy.
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