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  1. RobStubbs

    Opticron Scope

    As per the conditions pinned at the top, you need to specify a price. Cheers, Rob.
  2. RobStubbs

    5 Spot 10M Nsra Targets In Beige Wanted

    As above posters pointed out, that's not correct. I buy in 500 or 1000 - 3000 is I think the maximum you can buy for postage (weight) reasons, but you can buy other cards from Edinkillie (I think) as well as Harry Preston etc.. Rob.
  3. RobStubbs

    Forum App

    None really, it displays better straight off on the phone without any need to re-size. Neil recommended it many years ago and I've just carried on using it. Rob.
  4. RobStubbs

    Forum App

    I'm using an app called IPB but I think it's been discontinued. Rob.
  5. RobStubbs

    Scatt Usb Professional Trainer

    Do you want to add in your price - as per the forum rules. Cheers, Rob.
  6. RobStubbs

    Price Estimate For Gun Please

    I would always look on gun trader etc to see what it's worth. Or rather what others are selling similar models for. But at the end of the day it depends on how much you want it... Rob.
  7. RobStubbs

    Pardini Free Pistol

    OK, well in addition to the above, you may find some joy looking at gunstar ( .co.uk). It's used by private and trade sellers alike, so you never know... Rob.
  8. RobStubbs

    Pardini Free Pistol

    Ask at the NSRA and maybe also talk to Surrey Guns - re used, they do ocassionally get used FP's. Equally Paul Cutts may be able to point you in the direction of a seller. I'm curious though why the pardini has been suggested as a good option ? I have and shoot one, but I would probably have got the morini if I'd had a free choice in the models available when I bought mine. (I had to get the pardini as it was the only model that could be made to fit me because of my inability to straighten my arms). The electronics in the morini gives very little grip modification ability of the major type I needed. Pardini's are also much rarer than morini's so you may well be even harder pushed to source one. In short I'd suggest you at least look at any long arm free pistol that comes up for sale - Morini, Pardini or SAM before narrowing your options. Rob.
  9. RobStubbs

    Trolley For Bisley Or Wherever Its To Be Held

    My point was that the NSRA asked us all about thoughts for an alternative venue, so they are obviously considering it. I have no idea how likely a change is or whether it may happen in 2014. I would guess the date is at least fixed but if you're booking accommodation then perhaps ask them if it is definitely at Bisley next year, you can email competitions to ask. Rob.
  10. RobStubbs

    Trolley For Bisley Or Wherever Its To Be Held

    I don't think that means anything, given they've been asking the membership if they'd still shoot if it were A N Other venue. They almost certainly wouldn't have agreed anything with the NRA this far ahead. Rob.
  11. RobStubbs

    Trolley For Bisley Or Wherever Its To Be Held

    If not Bisley it'll still be in a field somewhere
  12. RobStubbs

    3P Or Air Rifle Stand - New

    Let me ask of our rifle shooters when I see her on Monday. Rob.
  13. RobStubbs

    National Meeting

    To put it into context, it's good to see the whole event if you've never been before. There is one large tent housing the (4 or 5 ?) trade stands plus as mentioned above, second hand stuff in the stats tent. Equally though the NSRA shop over in the LRC has a reasonable amount of stuff to look at and buy plus they have some second hand stuff there. Rob.
  14. RobStubbs

    Red And Black 2213 Anschutz Stock

    I know someone who may be interested, let me drop him a note. OK he is interested - can you pm me contact details and ill pass it on to him ? Thanks, Rob.
  15. RobStubbs

    Anschutz Super Match 54

    I appreciate and understand your comments Rutty. Again, sorry I wasnt trying to offend anybody, and at no point did I express that I knew anything Jonty... It probably wasnt my place to comment, but it seemed that the original poster was being polite and repeatedly trying to bring his Sale thread back on track, and my comments have inadvertently made the situation worse, again sorry I'll keep my gob shut in future. I totally agree with your previous sentiments. As far as I'm concerned this should just be to buy and sell items, not to discuss their merit or provide a history lesson, however interesting that may be. That's why there are other specific forums here. There is a post pinned at the top of the for sales section detailing what it's for. Rob. Rob.
  16. RobStubbs

    Gemini Pistol Grip Wanted

    Will do when I get a mo to pop into the gun cabinet. Rob. (null)
  17. RobStubbs

    Gemini Pistol Grip Wanted

    Let me look at mine - its a bit big for me, so I might be seeing a solution. Rob.
  18. RobStubbs

    Delhi 2010 - Commonwealth Games

    I wish I could answer that. I still have my tracksuit top from the 1966 CG somewhere in the back of the shed, last used years ago when I dug up a lawn. Good to see it's still being used, even if not quite in the manner intended Rob.
  19. RobStubbs

    Please Help. Butt Part Wanted(New Update With Photo)

    Just shoot without it, you dont need a butthook. Rob.
  20. RobStubbs

    Delhi 2010 - Commonwealth Games

    Why would they want to hang on to tons of old kit ? Surely better to get a few quid for it. Rob.
  21. RobStubbs

    Upgrading The Forum

    Agreed. If a moderator were to go in and edit they may as well delete the thread and that of course relies on a mod reading all the for sale threads. Rob.
  22. RobStubbs

    Scatt Training System

    I know someone that had one a couple of weeks ago Drop me a pm with your email address and I'll pass that on to him. I don't know if it is still for sale or sold. Rob.
  23. RobStubbs

    Wanter: Steyr Air Pistol Trigger Blade

    I might have one old one like that - let me take a look. Rob.
  24. RobStubbs

    Rifle Cabinet And Ammo Storage

    Most gunshops sell them, but I got mine online as I recall. Through an advert in gunmart I think. Rob.