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    Fraud Alert - Please Read

    I am ashamed to say I got scammed for £280 for a Malberg twin post scope that I really wanted that never existed. The scammer preys on our desires and we fail to see the whole picture. We want to believe it's true. I was emailed by Mike 112 telling me that Carter Klaus has a scope I am looking for and to contact carterklaus420@gmail.com to follow up. I did this and duly transferred the monies using PayPay friends and family. Big mistake he knows I had no recourse using this method and told me he couldn't get the money using goods and services. The idiot I am I fell for it hook line and sinker. There are some right scumbags out there and this chap is one of them. I wish I had done more research, I'm kicking myself now but such is life, these guys are experts at what they do. The other email address he uses are: Eddii Shaban at aliuedison123@gmail.com and majani investment at samungi50@yahoo.com As painful and expensive as this experience has been, I hope that by putting this online I may help someone else from getting caught out and hurt. Namaste
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    Fraud Alert - Please Read

    I deleted the Mike112 account last Tue after digging and finding it was fraudulent
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    Fraud Alert - Please Read

    Dear Mike I contacted my bank who said they could not help as they were legally bound to make the payment on my behalf even though they agreed that this was very likely a scam. I contacted Paypal and they were only interested in me paying them. Basically nothing could be done to save my money. I then went onto https://www.actionfraud.police.uk and reported the incident and all the email addresses. My only hope now is that no one else gets caught by this person. I need to move on and write this off as a lesson learnt, or I will just end up being bitter, Carpe Diem.
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    Centra Block Club spares

    All sorted now 👍 Thnx to the top man that helped out 😃
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    Now sold.
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    Hi There, Does £170 include delvery? May be interested for a club based in Morley Regards, Manoj
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    Fraud Alert - Please Read

    Hello everyone, I wanted to draw your attention to a supposed seller here on this forum. Some time ago I posted a publication saying that I was interested in an aluminum stoick for an Anschutz 1907. I received a message from a user saying that this individual Carter Klaus (carterklaus420@gmail.com) had one to sell and i should contact him. So I did, and got back an email with 2 photographs of the complete rifle (Anschutz 1907 in a 1918 Precise stock) with a 1970GBP price. But i just need the stock so i ask him if he accepted to sell only the stock, and he accepted for 850GBP. For me it was still above my budget so i ask if he accepted to exchange his stock for my Walther KK200 aluminium stock with value adjustment. And he accepted to receive my stock plus 400GBP on is PayPal account (aliuedison123@gmail.com). It turns out that the photographs he send me looked familiar, as if I had already seen them elsewhere .... and in fact I already had, and it was not very difficult to find them again in the forum gunsinternational: https://www.gunsinternational.com/guns-for-sale-online/rifles/anschutz-rifles/anschutz-1907-in-1918-precise-stock-precision-22-rifle.cfm?gun_id=101074673 When the deal looks too good, it’s better to be suspicious! After this i did check this email carterklaus420@gmail.com and apparently this is not the first time that this individual has infiltrated the forums with schemes to deceive buyers as you can see in this alert : http://forum.pafoa.org/showthread.php?t=358188
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    I am selling my Swing due to an upgrade to a Eliseo R1. the specs of the rifle are listed below - - 30 inch 1-12 twist ''30 tight'' Krieger barrel which has had 2500 rounds through it. https://kriegerbarrels.com/ - CG (by centra) match trigger fitted by a renowned Bisley gunsmith. https://www.hps-tr.com/en/cg-model-22-trigger-paramountswing - Centra LR rear sight with 1/4 MOA clicks. https://www.hps-tr.com/en/centra-rear-sight-long-range - Riles 22mm foresight complete with 2 rain tubes, .03 eagle eye and fully adjustable iris. https://rilesmachine.com/ https://www.intershoot.co.uk/acatalog/Centra-Eagle-Eye-1393.html https://www.hps-tr.com/en/rain-guard-assembly-for-32mm-foresight-front - Anschutz 4751 hand stop. https://www.intershoot.co.uk/acatalog/Anschutz-Handstop-4751-69.html I am asking for £1500. Offers welcomed.
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    Mono is now Sold Miles
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    Various Items for sale

    Glasses arrived safe and sound in perfect working order. Thanks Matt
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    shooting books for sale

    i am interested way of the rifle
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    Trust me... I'm not quitting!
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    Riles 22mm foresight
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    .......... you better not be giving up TR or there will be trouble when you drag your sorry arse in the Surrey next
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    G'day Mike. Yes I haven't checked Ebay for a couple of weeks so I will take your advice and do it now.
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    Reloading equipment

    I would ask that you consider Dillon reloading machines, have a look at Dillon Precision.com and also on You Tube, there is lots of info/videos out there to assist. Whilst Dillon do a Square Deal Press this is only suitable for pistol calibres, a 550C or a 650XL now upgraded to 750 XL , both will do everything you require and allow for future calibres. A 550C is a large multi stage press that indexes by you moving the shell plate around, whereas the 650/750 is indexed by you pulling the handle. The 550C is bought as a machine without the calibre conversion kit that you wish to load whereas the 650/750 is purchased with the calibre conversion kit already installed. For both machines additional calibres conversion kits are then required for the calibres you wish to load. All standard reloading dies fit both machines. If you wanted to really push the proverbial reloading boat out then Dillon sell a really large 1050 reloading press, which is often used by commercial reloading outfits, but it is something I would not recommend for you. both 550 and 750 machines can be added too once you get used to them, I could ramble on but one final bit of info, Dillon machines are covered by a lifetime warranty, or as it is marketed in the USA, a "No BS " warranty.
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    ADMIN ,Scammer alert

    I had the same about my pistol wanted ad. I sent an email hoping he’d meet me halfway 😂 somehow I think not !
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    Reloading equipment

    Hi, Get yourself this: https://www.livens.co.uk/product/rcbs-rock-chucker-reloading-kit/ I bought It when I started off and i still use most of it today.
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    Rob Thorp

    Reloading equipment

    Hi Neil, l have been reloading for approx 5yrs...so not the font of all knowledge! Hope this might help: The key question to ask yourself IMHO : Do l want quantity or quality (waits to be shot down!!).... Single Stage presses are generally considered the best option for repeatable quality. To spend money once and buy well, l could happily recommend the Redding Big Boss ll press. I also have a Forster Co-Ax press, another excellent choice and a great bit of kit. Both very different and each have limitations / qualities over the other. If on a budget, some of the Lee offerings are good value for money but l have read of wear issues?? Dies : Redding, RCBS or Forster. I have found all to be excellent. Most shooters wanting accuracy / repeatability now use electronic measuring / dispensing scales. Mixed ‘luck’ with these, the RCBS, Lyman and Hornady offerings are popular (l use the RCBS model). The powder you select seems to have a marked effect on performance with all of these! Personally, l’d use a hand primer - Sinclair is as good as any IMHO. The Forster case trimmer is simple and trouble free and a hand ‘torpedo’ case rim tool (sets bevel on inner & outer case rim edge) is just fine. Buy a Wilson calibre specific case gauge and check resized & trimmed cases to ensure you are working within SAMMI specs. Micrometer seating dies are a real boon and well worth the investment IMHO and get yourself a good digital vernier and I have found the Hornady ‘Lock n Load’ OAL gauge invaluable! No knowledge of progressive presses l’m afraid. Others will have to advise! A science in it’s own right....and you will not get it all right with tools and equipment ‘first time’!! Best of luck....enjoy++ Rob
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    Sighting accessories for sale

    Variable eagle eye is M18, and it adjusts from 0.1 to 0.4
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    Handstop Wanted

    Try the MEC one! I like it and the sling can be clipped in two different positions depending on preference. https://www.intershoot.co.uk/acatalog/MEC-Handstop-67.html
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    Thanks Mike, I really want one of the later models. I owned a Mk3 in 1977, don't really want an earlier version 40 years after! I know I am likely to have rather a long wait, but I'm prepared for that. Just missed a cracking Mk V in February, but thats always the way. Thanks for getting in touch, much appreciated
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    Fraud Alert - Please Read

    I was alluding to personal information fraudulent or not being disseminated in the public domain pertaining to the alleged perpetrator. If said person still had a look in browsing the forum they would have time to do a runner and assume a new identity and carry on any deception whether it be this forum or another one you don’t see police sacrificing hours of detective work being broadcast on a forum before bringing matters to a conclusion yes by all means flag up a bogey but keep important known information hidden so as not to show you/we have the upper hand I am sure there are quite a few forum members who are in a professional position to take this further but possibly the element of surprise has been lost
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    Fraud Alert - Please Read

    I've let the Glasgow and Norfolk firearms know. Will see what they come back with.
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    Fraud Alert - Please Read

    The number is all wrong for a start, the first 5 letters are the first 5 of the holder's name - they don't match. The next 6 numbers are the date of birth, again I cannot make a valid DOB from them (and doesn't match the DOB on the FAC), the next letter is the first initial (doesn't match) the next should be a number as Claus hasn't declared a middle name.... Too many fails.
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    Anschutz adjustbale handstop. These retail for £75-80! Used, but perfectly serviceable condition. Includes swing swivel. Can meet at Bisley, or post for cost of signed-for postage. £30
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    Gehmann 522 B M18 Foresight Iris

    Sorry now sold
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    Gehmann 522 B M18 Foresight Iris

    I would also be interested, if the sale falls through
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    I'm not a potential buyer, but you may get more interest if you state a price and where you are. It would also help to state which Walther the stock was made for: KKM, KK200/300,or KK500? Is the stock the FR703 or the older Ultra, as Nibbs has made both for KK300s? Is a buttplate included?
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    Safety signs

    Hi Peter - might have what you need. I'll PM you.
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    Anschutz 54 - 1913 model Super Match in very good condition - barrel bore-scoped and can be shown to buyer with the following Anschutz standard sites and elements, and eagle eye. Everything shown in the photos attached, including the twice worn size 52 Gehmann jacket, and Opticron spotting scope and stand, as well as a new small bore matt bought from the small bore shop at Bisley. Hard case is included. An exceptionally accurate rifle with no pitting in the bore. Sold as a bundle at a Non Neg price of £950.
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    Freeland Handstop

    Hi Tim I think I have one somewhere. let- me have a dig around and see what I turn up. Mark
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    Either way, we 3D print for fun and to help anyone looking for bits and pieces they otherwise cannot get hold of! None of this is to generate profit.
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    Just had a read through the patent, it seems to cover what George and I are talking about even though my design was generated more or less independently. If we were interested in selling on a large scale it might be possible to contest the patent as overly broad. Also the patent may have expired as of 2014 though I'm not certain about that. Either way, it's probably not worth getting in any kind of trouble over!
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    I've got a 3D printer so if you have access to CAD I'm happy to print it for you. If you don't have CAD a mate and I 3D print Anschutz bolt protectors which I'm sure are similar enough to modify the drawings forto fit a FWB although it might not be very quick!
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    Riser blocks

    Hi Ross, Quite sure I sent you a Cheekpiece for your Walther recently?.. Spotted this post and thought I might be able to help you. As well as cheekpieces I've 3d printed sight blocks for Walther dovetails. Please see the attached image. PM me if you're interested. Thanks Steve
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    tim s

    Anschutz Match 54 wanted (please see post)

    The action was early 1980s, and the barrel proofed in 1994, possibly a Border or Maddco.
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    George many thanks, at the minute just looking for stock alone but thanks for getting back to me
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    Please Read!

    Hi Neil, Allowing active members to offer any unwanted kit for sale on your site is very generous and can only help to further the sport as it helps those that either cannot find what they want, or cannot afford to buy at new prices. I have bought and sold items on Stirton and have been very grateful for the opportunity to dispose of any unwanted kit as it has helped me to put some cash towards the new replacement/upgrade, and to find and buy things that I have been unable to find elsewhere. It would be good if anyone selling from a Stirton advert would be obliged to sell to the first who committed to buy at the asking price (assuming payment is made in a timely way) and not sell to a later offer that could subject the first buyer to being out-bid by a later contact without their knowledge. Asking the seller to mark the sales thread when an item has been sold would also be courteous and save any false hopes being dashed or the seller being bothered after the kit has already been sold. I learn more from Stirton than I contribute, (I am not as knowledgeable as some others!) so I find your site very informative and helpful. Best regards, and thanks for sharing your site with us! Bob.
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    Wanted - Lightweight rifle

    Looking for lightweight rifle, something like a Walther KK300 although I would be interested in anything of a similar weight! Thanks in advance
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    Feinwerkbau 2602 for sale

    Forgot to ask sorry, is this the lightweight or heavyweight barrel please? Thanks again!
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    Feinwerkbau 2602 for sale

    Hi there Very interested in your clubmate's rifle! Could you please email me a pic or two to gabw17@gmail.com? Cheers!
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    I thought I should do the right thing and post up a piccie.. 😁
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    Foresight Perspex Elements - 25Mm

    Neil Price (UK Neil) makes sets of these, here's a link to a site selling his elements. Last in the list m.Andrew Tucker 25.4mm. He can also make anything you want as a custom job. HTH
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    Steyr LP10

    Oh wow ! Sulks ... lol
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