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    Gun case

    Anyone got a hard gun case for sale? Just bought an Anschutz 1403 for our club and need a small cheap-ish case to go with?! Thanks in advance!
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    This item is no longer needed as I have moved to fullbore rifle and no longer participate on .22 prone. The jacket is used, but not a lot, is in excellent condition and clean. It is for right-handed shooters and is euro size 60 (which I believe is meant to equate to UK size 49") but I don't have much confidence in any of the figures quoted by these manufacturers and comfortable fit is all that matters. These jackets sell for £145 new from Intershoot and £155 from NSRA. I am asking for £75, plus any postage costs should I have to send it to you. I am located not far south of Bath.
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    Hi guys, i have to sale all my shooting equipment due to physical problems, can't use them anymore. The rifle is in mint condition 3 years old, only 7000 pellets through the barrel since new. The bottle is certified till 02/2026. It is equipped with Gehmann top model iris- 48colour & 546 MC. Also i am giving Gehmann M100 4 stage 250Bar turbo pump, it is filling the bottle easy in 10 minutes. The price i am looking for all the set is 1900£ , can be considered. I have a pics i can send or all can be tested in Epsom KT17.Thanks. My email is plamen.domex@gmail.com
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    tim s

    Anschutz 1811 stock/parts

    George, 'fraid the bolts aren't M5. These are M6 Fine (0.75mm pitch). These aren't available in the big DIY shops, at least around me. Some of the UK target shooting equipment carry bolts. I've also bought some from J & P in the US; excellent quality but after HMRC demanded their pound of flesh, not cheap.
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    Mec lll Contact Butt Plate New SOLD

    Ill take the glove please - I have PM'd you
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    10 Dots

    Mec lll Contact Butt Plate New SOLD

    I'll take the sling and attachment. I'll PM you details etc. Thanks.
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