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    Forum Security

    Ever messaged someone your bank details while selling something on here? That data. Ever sent someone your address when buying? That data. Ever used your name when arranging to meet someone at Bisley in a PM? That data. It's easier than you think to steal valuable data via online profiles.
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    Bleiker 6mm br CISM

    Bleiker 6mm br cism, please see photos, round count 350, fclass has become my discipline of choice and this gets used too rarely. Please message for specific info or more pics. £1900 bank transfer or cash on collection
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    Neil, a few months isn't a long time to be shooting with a club rifle. Unless there's some major defect with the club rifle or no rifle is available that is a remotely good fit for her then she'd be as well continuing with a club gun and investing in a well fitting shooting jacket if she is serious about keeping up the sport. Particularly if her average is "creeping into the 90s", there's no need to have your own rifle at that stage and having something entirely adjustable may well prove to be a hindrance rather than a help.
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    Forum Security

    Thumbs up Neil for the effort to improve account security for us.
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    Forum Security

    Peter, the forum has been running for 16yrs, and when it was first started there were a number of people trying to join and advertise rubbish which was nothing to do with shooting. So yes, I put in the sign-up phase to try keep it to genuine shooting enthusiasts.
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    Dave Woodward

    Match 64 Rifles

    Our Club have 2 x Match 64 rifles that are surplus to requirement. Both rifles are right handed. Any interest from either new shooters or clubs?
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    Shooting Kit For Sale

    I know it’s late but do you still have all the above
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    Bolt Protectors-Anschutz

    I thought this was put to bed with Neil Stirtons post of 15 August 2018. Jonty
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    Kurt Thune jacket, top of the range 13 years ago,! Has seen plenty of use but as you'll see it's been looked after, always stored flat not folded and kept dry, smoke free and pet free. Was made to measure for me, 6ft 1" , 38 - 40" chest. More pictures on the link below. When I say free to a good home, I don't mean see it on eBay next week!! It would be great if this went to someone starting out or a club in need of kit. Drop me a line if you are interested, I'm at various shoots over the next few weeks, Torfaen (tomorrow), BFRC, Appleton Easter shoot, ESSU champs. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rt4o5l56pqrbq6z/AAAYTdXUZoABgKCdE1llyn0fa?dl=0
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    Wanted, Very high end 10M rifle

    Have you checked the for sale section on this site, there's one there right now
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    Gun case

    Anyone got a hard gun case for sale? Just bought an Anschutz 1403 for our club and need a small cheap-ish case to go with?! Thanks in advance!
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    THIS ITEM IS NOW SOLD This item is no longer needed as I have moved to fullbore rifle and no longer participate on .22 prone. The jacket is used, but not a lot, is in excellent condition and clean. It is for right-handed shooters and is euro size 60 (which I believe is meant to equate to UK size 49") but I don't have much confidence in any of the figures quoted by these manufacturers and comfortable fit is all that matters. These jackets sell for £145 new from Intershoot and £155 from NSRA. I am asking for £75, plus any postage costs should I have to send it to you. I am located not far south of Bath.
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    Hi guys, i have to sale all my shooting equipment due to physical problems, can't use them anymore. The rifle is in mint condition 3 years old, only 7000 pellets through the barrel since new. The bottle is certified till 02/2026. It is equipped with Gehmann top model iris- 48colour & 546 MC. Also i am giving Gehmann M100 4 stage 250Bar turbo pump, it is filling the bottle easy in 10 minutes. The price i am looking for all the set is 1900£ , can be considered. I have a pics i can send or all can be tested in Epsom KT17.Thanks. My email is plamen.domex@gmail.com
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    tim s

    Anschutz 1811 stock/parts

    George, 'fraid the bolts aren't M5. These are M6 Fine (0.75mm pitch). These aren't available in the big DIY shops, at least around me. Some of the UK target shooting equipment carry bolts. I've also bought some from J & P in the US; excellent quality but after HMRC demanded their pound of flesh, not cheap.
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    WANTED - Left Hand Rearsight

    Looking for a left handed rearsight for one of our club rifles, basic and inexpensive would be preferable! Thanks in advance!
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    Rutland Shooter

    Megalink PC Target - Sold

    2 x Megalink 4K187 PC based targets for sale. Both targets now sold These have integral LED lighting and come complete with stand, pellet catcher, all cables and adaptors and MLShoot software. All that is required is a windows PC or Laptop. (not included) Collection preferred but pickup at Bisley might be possible £1500 each - contact Holwell Rifle Club: holwellrc@hotmail.co.uk Additional information The targets were acquired for use at 10m but prospective buyers might wish to note that the Edinkillie website now states: Rutty
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    John, I think G&E stocks are machined for G&E actions, but they sell adaptors for round actions. Hopefully the combination of an alu stock and ultra-short action should be balance well.
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    This one 😁 https://www.gunstar.co.uk/grunig-elmiger-racer-world-champion-bolt-action-22-rifles/rifles/1059274?utm_source=emailWebsite&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=contact_confirmation_email&utm_term=_&email_stats_id=11794764
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    Walther spring - 1969

    Try the following website sourced a spring from them the other year http://www.proteksupplies.co.uk/walther-spares.html
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    Walther spring - 1969

    Christian/Walther should be back in tomorrow, worth a shout ??
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    dog box

    Walther spring - 1969

    try flexo springs in Bristol , they should be able to make you one
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    Cross hair Duo-Vario sight

    I have a Gehmann 522B M18 foresight iris which I am trying to sell. Looking for £55 including p+p. It is in very good condition. Please let me know if you're interested
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    .177 Air Rifle Feinwerkbau 800 universal In great condition. comes with rifle bag and dive canister to store extra air. Price £650
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    BSA MK1 extractor claw wanted

    Omega1, please do not scrap the rifle off as they are great little things and deserve to be shot as often as possible. I managed to find an extractor for a Mk1 earlier this year so they do exist however they are pricey, from memory the last one was GBP60.00 plus some shipping. If you want to me to try and track down a spare please give me a shout. (Your 'scope bracket came from us)
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    10 Dots

    Shooting Kit For Sale

    PM sent, awaiting your reply. Thanks.
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    phil o

    Shooting Kit For Sale

    Pm sent, thanks
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    Looking for a Left handed .22 rifle

    One of our club shooters has a left handed, I’ll give him a nudge
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    Thanks for your help with this Ollie, your Carbontec has now been collected (thanks to Mark Lord) and is on its way back to Rossendale where it will be given a good home! It has been a pleasure dealing with you. Best regards and good luck with your new venture in Target Sprint! Bob.
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    tim s


    That's good to hear. A 1978 Supermatch stock (with a 4760 butt) is functionally the same as a 1990 1913, bar the bedding bolts. There's often some nice walnut under the brown factory finish.
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    Boot stretchers wanted

    Hi Ross, I probably have a pair kicking about at home somewhere. Give me a shout when I’m home from Korea.
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    Indeed. I have updated with a proposed price.
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    tim s


    If you're at Bisley, or can get to the meeting, there were a couple of 1813s listed on the sale boards. Not sure on price though. Does it have to be an 1813? The 1913 is mechanically the same; the differences are in the foresight mount, and stock. The 1613s and 1413s can shoot too; spare parts are the only issue. The 1413 trigger isn't as adjustable as the 1813/1913, but not bad.
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    Bolt Protectors-Anschutz

    Sorry guys, but I know Jason well and don't feel comfortable (implicitly) promoting what looks to be a copy of his design and that he relies upon to contribute towards his income. Don't you think that the rifle manufacturers would have made their own instead of going to Lowe products if they could (at least morally)? Topic closed, and link removed. Housey, it's up to you how you wish to proceed out with the forum but I've received complaints from a few sources and I'm afraid cannot allow the forum to continue to promote what may well be a patent infringement. Sorry if that seems harsh but at the end of the day, I run this forum for everyone, for free and whilst I explicitly state that content is the responsibility of the poster, and that I accept no liability, it would be remiss of me to turn a blind eye here. All the best Neil
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    Bolt Protectors-Anschutz

    Patent No.: PCT/AU2007/000035
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    Received FAC today

    Should be a few on notice board in Bisley from 10th -17th...usually is
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    Bleiker 6mm br CISM

    I do also agree that is a good price and well worth the price, the barrel count is fine, but just to correct, 6 mmBR accurate barrel life is 2500 -3000 certainly for shooting on tight targets such as 300 m and F class. Also 6 mmBR shoots very well at 500 and 600 yds, my wife uses her spare 6 mmBR at 600 very successfully to practice wind, (and that's using our soft loaded 300 m loads), shoots flatter and handles wind very similar to 7.62 because the Ballistic Coefficient (BC) is better, and they will also go out to 1000 with no problems. For 300 m use, the CISM has a 1500gm trigger, but the free trigger can be fitted, and the rifle shoots very well at 300 m (what its designed for), agree on ammo, factory Norma or Lapua is silly expensive, we reload top level ammo, works out about 60p a pop using 107 gn SIerra MK's. Both you and Nick are welcome to come to the gb300m dates to shoot the real thing! I'd have bought it at that price if I'd had a space on my ticket! So get it quick before I'm tempted to get a variation! I'm surprised its still there!
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    Bleiker 6mm br CISM

    Jo, I have one of these rifles, which I use to shoot F-Class at 200 and 500 yards, and if I lived 200 miles closer to Bisley, I'd probably use for 300m as well... Pro: That's a very good price for the rifle if it includes the sights as per the picture! As the rifle is designed for 300m shooting you shouldn't have any problems using it for that, and the 6BR round is pretty accurate out to that distance. 350 is a decent round count, the usual estimates for a 6BR are 5-6000 rounds out of a barrel. Cons (all minor, really): It'll do you fine for short range F-Class, *if* you replace the rearsight dovetail rail with a longer one. The one fitted by Bleiker is about 1/2 the length of the top of the action, and is not long enough to sensibly mount a scope on; if you look at the picture above you can just about see rail being only just longer than the fitted sights! The good news is that it's a simple enough engineering job to manufacture a replacement - I got Barry Nesom on the job for mine. Use Loctite on the two bolts when you put them back in, otherwise they will fall out again after a few boxes of ammo The stock isn't the greatest in terms of shape and adjustment - you'll probably want to upgrade to a better one in time. The 6BR round starts to fade a bit at 500 yards, so it gets affected by the wind more than the larger F-Class calibres. You'll not be using it at 1000 yards either Factory ammunition (Norma DIamond Line is pretty much the only choice) is CRIPPLINGLY expensive, so expect to reload them! I'd say "yes, buy it", but by all means have a word with your mate first
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    Bleiker 6mm br CISM

    Down again.
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    tim s

    Centra Vibrake

    The KK500 appears to be quite a lot stiffer than an Anschutz 54, especially in vertical axis. Is the raiser really a stiffener, or a bridge to compensate for the short action and double loading port for rearsight position?
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    Forum Security

    Hi all, We've enabled what is called Two Factor Authentication (2FA). Some of you will have seen this in your online banking and other similar systems where by a username and password are 'complimented' with a One Time Password (OTP). Some systems will call you, some will send you an SMS to your mobile and you then enter a code into the website to complete the login. We've opted for Google Authenticator (you can use alternative similar Authenticator tools also) which is free for you to install on your mobile/tablet and there apps for your PC too. Why are we doing this? Sadly in the world we live in today, more and more crime is done online and these unscrupulous individuals are always looking for data on their victims which they can use against them. We want to ensure you continue to enjoy a safe environment on our forum, and make sure your account is as difficult as possible for someone to compromise. How do I enable 2FA on my stirton.com account? Go to your Settings and re-authenticate with your password Download Google Authenticator from the Android or Apple store on to your mobile device (preferred route, alternatively you can Google how to get it on to your PC/Mac/Linux device) When in Google Authenticator, the easiest way is to click on the + symbol and let your mobile device's camera take a picture of the square QR code on screen. This will automatically set up forum.stirton.com within the app, and will give you a 6 digit code. Enter the 6-digit code you see within Authenticator into the dialog box on the forum and "Verify Code" You should now have protected your account. Are we making this mandatory? At present, no. This is an optional security measure for those of you who wish to benefit from it. That's not to say that we won't make it compulsory in the future, depending on if we see any attempts on security from said aforementioned unscrupulous parties. Many thanks Neil
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    Login Insecure

    Yup, noticed it was working again earlier this week funnily enough! Thanks
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    Login Insecure

    Hi @iRommel Apologies, I missed this post last year 😳 We've enabled https now which should address this. Thanks Neil
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    Wanted Anchutz 6702

    And, more than likely, a foresight, handstop, buttplate etc. If not, the negotiate the price. Jonty
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    Wanted Anchutz 6702

    £50-£60 sounds about right for a 6702. However, I wouldnt advise buying one when it is more than likely that when you get your first rifle, it will probably come with a rear sight. Jonty
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    .308 / 7.62 TR

    I have an RPA quadlock that I was about to list for sale.
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    Bleiker 6mm br CISM

    Price reduction
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