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    BSA MK1 extractor claw wanted

    Omega1, please do not scrap the rifle off as they are great little things and deserve to be shot as often as possible. I managed to find an extractor for a Mk1 earlier this year so they do exist however they are pricey, from memory the last one was GBP60.00 plus some shipping. If you want to me to try and track down a spare please give me a shout. (Your 'scope bracket came from us)
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    10 Dots

    Shooting Kit For Sale

    PM sent, awaiting your reply. Thanks.
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    phil o

    Shooting Kit For Sale

    Pm sent, thanks
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    Looking for a Left handed .22 rifle

    One of our club shooters has a left handed, I’ll give him a nudge
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    Thanks for your help with this Ollie, your Carbontec has now been collected (thanks to Mark Lord) and is on its way back to Rossendale where it will be given a good home! It has been a pleasure dealing with you. Best regards and good luck with your new venture in Target Sprint! Bob.
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    Boot stretchers wanted

    Hi Ross, I probably have a pair kicking about at home somewhere. Give me a shout when I’m home from Korea.
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    .177 Air Rifle Feinwerkbau 800 universal In great condition. comes with rifle bag and dive canister to store extra air. Price £650
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