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  2. All, I'm seeking the following items; KK300 - Complete ideally TEC-HRO 3P Stand Kneeling Roll Gear bag (Large Roller Type) FREEPOSTION Butt plate Centra SPY Rearsight Size 9.5 Boots Trousers for 6FT 36inch Waist Male LOCATION Salisbury, Chippenham, Bisley Thanks Wesley
  3. Hi sorry ,I did make mistake a number , can you let me know the rifle still on sale , my contact number is 07792421838 Mr lo
  4. For Sale: £2100 Black & Silver Feinwarkbau 800 X (As seen in Pic) The Rifle was serviced in April 2017 in Dortmund and batch tested, immaculate condition. (Not used since, Selling as I no longer shoot air) * FWB 800 X. * FWB Hard Case. * 2000 RWS Batch Tested Pellets. (Batch record Sheet) * Blue Pellet holder box. * FWB 22mm Adjustable Fore Sight with blue cover. * New never used - Gehmann Rear Sight with adjustable Iris * FWB Standard Butt Plate * Air cylinder Adapter. (in the Little box). Unfortunately I cant find the manual for it, but you can down load it online If required. Loc: Bisley but can be brought up to Co Durham For Collection Thanks for looking Drop me a email for any further info: angistacker@hotmail.com
  5. Last week
  6. Ok. Rfd to rfd. £25each last time I moved a rifle. I’ll cover the cost. Scott
  7. Hi Scott We are not in any immediate rush to sell the rifles, so can hold them for you. Due to our different locations (we are based in Nottinghamshire,) we will need to come up with a workable arrangement for transfer when your FAC is sorted. Can you email me - woodys62@gmail.com, so we can tie things down properly. Regards Dave
  8. Hi we spoke today, the Rifle is located in Bisley.

    If you are still interested just drop me a message 


  9. Dave quick update. Central Scotland police want 3months for a like for like. Are you in a rush to get these off your cert. if not I’m happy to pay for them and when our paperwork is updated we can transfer them. Scott
  10. Neilj62

    Club kit needed

    Can’t manage any double canvas jackets but I do have a TenPointNine leather with canvas lining up for sale - it’s a LARGE sized one, probably fit a 46-48” chest, Pippa made it for me before I lost 30kgs so it’s just a tad big for me now😀. I originally advertised it at £300 as it’s only about 12 to 18 months old, and cost nearly £1000 new. PM me if your interested or would like to see a picture👍
  11. Hi there, just tried calling but your number is incorrect?
  12. His original post was almost 3 years ago. So chances are very slim
  13. Hi do you still have the rifle for sale ?
  14. Raven


    Bump before Ebay ; )
  15. sdixon1

    Club kit needed

    Hi im looking for double canvas jackets if any has any for sale for my club. Also gloves and slings Scott
  16. sdixon1

    Please see list

    You got photos of the mat and jackets scott
  17. I know it’s late but do you still have all the above
  18. Hi I’m in central Scotland. I’m down at the Scottish for the first weekend if you have anyone going along from your club. Scott
  19. Mac

    Wanted - Gehmann 530

    Don't do it. Get a pair of shooting glasses, or a monocle attachement for the rearsight, with a prescription lens instead. Diopter units nothing but trouble.
  20. Hi Scott No problems. Where in the country are you based? Dave
  21. Hi All, I’ve decided it is time to sell my FWB 800 and a few other bits I’ve gathered along the way! I bought the rifle in 2013 from new, it’s been serviced regularly by a qualified FWB engineer either in he UK or while I were abroad at competitions. It comes with 2 cylinders, both in date and working order. I’ve changed the foresight as you can see from the pictures and am happy to leave it on there. The rear sight has been used a handful of times when I first bought the rifle but I decided to change this as a personal choice. The pistol grip has been sanded down but no length was taken from this. The cocking leaver has been swapped to the left hand side (again personal preference) The original operators manual, tool box, FWB rifle case and filling adapter is also included. I’m looking for £1750 or a sensible offer and am happy to answer any questions about it. Also selling- Centra 1.8 competition iris - £50 Gehmann lockable rear sight - £180 Gehmann 566 Iris - £100 Pictures below, Please ask for any further info or better quality pictures as I cannot seem to upload the high quality ones! Larissa
  22. Dave im speaking to my club about these two rifles. We need another two slots so need to see how quick the coppers can turn around a ticket. Scott
  23. Hi have you still have the FWB air rifle on sale ? this my number 07792421838 can you text over many thanks
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