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  2. rossdook

    Walther LG300XT Anatomic for sale

    I’m not 100% on these things, but it has a MEC tube, MEC trigger blade and MEC Contact 3 buttplate I think
  3. smallboresniper

    Gehmann 404 shooting jacket for sale

    This item is no longer needed as I have moved to fullbore rifle and no longer participate on .22 prone. The jacket is used, but no a lot, is in excellent condition and clean. It is for right-handed shooters and is euro size 60 (which I believe is meant to equate to UK size 49") but I don't have much confidence in any of the figures quoted by these manufacturers and comfortable fit is all that matters. These jackets sell for £145 new from Intershoot and £155 from NSRA. I am asking for £85, plus any postage costs should I have to send it to you. I am located not far south of Bath.
  4. spothunter

    Walther LG300XT Anatomic for sale

    Hi Ross, It might help to list the "extras" in this thread as they can have a significant effect on the overall price depending on what they are of course. If they are indeed extras then selling them separately would allow you to reduce your asking price which might generate more responses. Best Paul
  5. rossdook

    Walther LG300XT Anatomic for sale

    Please feel free to make an offer
  6. Last week
  7. Copy per Edin Killie: "This barrel weight allows you to fine-tune the balance of your smallbore rifle. The barrel weight is easily attached by the use of a quick release fastener. Eight soft balls allow the weight to be attached to the barrel without creating tension within the steel. The four weight bars can individually be installed or detached without the use of special tools." http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/grunig-elmiger-barrel-weight-p-1287.html Retail for £110! This one lightly used with just a few superficial scratches is going for £50. Size is 23mm, to fit Anschutz 1913 and I daresay others too. Available from Bisley or can post for cost of P&P.
  8. JackGRifle

    MEC Contact III Buttplate for sale

    Price dropped to £135
  9. Mark

    Match 64 Rifles

    Pm sent
  10. zooma

    Walther LG300XT Anatomic for sale

    That was a fair price for a mint condition LG300XT Anatomic 3 years ago. I don't think they have appreciated since then and are probably worth a little less now.
  11. rossdook

    TEC HRO parts required

    Have messaged you
  12. JamesJ

    BSA International Rifles for sale

    PM sent
  13. MarkJ

    TEC HRO parts required

    Happy to 3D print to your requirements if you supply dimensions.
  14. Geoff Thomas

    Telescopic Sight for 50mtrs and 100yds

    I am looking to purchase a fixed power (20x up to 25x) with cross hair telescopic sight suitable for prone shooting from 25 yards up to 100 yards.
  15. Geoff Thomas

    Selling up - Shooting equipment still to be sold

    Ian, can you supply more detail of the Weaver telescopic sight please?
  16. rossdook

    TEC HRO parts required

    Looking for a pellet tray (one that sits angled towards shooter instead of flat) and also rifle pad that sits squarely on top of stand (not down the side of the post) for tec hro stand
  17. PeterLW

    BSA International Rifles for sale

    I am looking to sell 6 BSA International rifles, they are taking-up space in the Club armoury and it is time they did some work. Research suggests they are probably MkIIs, no reasonable offer refused.
  18. Gbartonw

    Wanted - Small-bore Buttplate

    Still looking 👀😀
  19. I have the following shooting equipment still to be sold having recently sold my rifle. I am willing to consider sensible offers (a few £'s reduction) on all items but nothing dramatic. 1. Anschutz 20 click 7002 sights £300 2. Gehmann 565 eyepiece. This has a double polariser and 6 colour filters £100 3. HPS Shooting mat £40 4. Kustermann shooting glove (red, medium, half finger) £20 5. Gehmann synthetic sling (right handed) £25 6. Gehmann shooting glove (Medium, half finger) £20 I am willing to include p&p in the prices and hence small price reductions only. Ideally 'buyer collect' would be preferable but that can be discussed. BACS payment is preferable for all items please.
  20. JohnASmith97

    WANTED - Left Hand Rearsight

    Looking for a left handed rearsight for one of our club rifles, basic and inexpensive would be preferable! Thanks in advance!
  21. Rutland Shooter

    Megalink PC Target - One Remaining

    One target remaining. Rutty
  22. I am looking for a Duo Glass foresight tunnel in 22mm diameter, BUT, to fit the old Anschutz vee block. Ideally, one with the lower range of adjustability. If you have one or know someone who has, please send me a P.M.
  23. Rudd

    MEC Olympic Pistol Shooting Book- For Sale

    Hi Andy, I've sent you a DM. Cheers
  24. Earlier
  25. RobinC

    Mec Duplex

    I have a standard and a variable, but not planning to sell them. Do you know why you want one? Email me on robin.carter80@ntlworld.com and I'll give you all the pros' and cons Have Fun Robin
  26. Cumbrian

    Found - Still looking for a Left handed .22 rifle

    Belatedly spotted the conclusion to this quest: looks like a bargain to me. Well done.
  27. Sharp Shooter

    Mec Duplex

    Hi Robin, do you have another Duplex? I want to buy. Thank you
  28. nige346

    Morini 162 ei

    Still for sale
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