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  2. MattH

    Steyr LP10

    Wish I was closer as would have this - dont suppose you know anyone who could bring it to any of the sts target shoots as I'm planning on going to the one in January. Matt
  3. High mounts for a 30mm tube, must be in excellent condition.
  4. Yesterday
  5. This stunning pistol has had very little use, as air pistol was a third discipline! Unmarked as far as I can see, with standard, left-handed large grips showing lovely dark figuring. Original charging adaptor, tools and two cylinders dated 2014-23. The pistol is in Suffolk, but I work during the week in London if that helps, and may be prepared to travel for face to face. These are a relatively-rare pistol, due principally to the price new I think. Exceptional trigger and sights, and very still in the hand - the Absorber works superbly well. I’m thinking around £950, but please contact me if you’re after a first-rate left-handed pistol in beautiful condition.
  6. Steven999

    Steyr LP10

    I have given up target shooting and this is what's left , the pistol is in immaculate condition , the body is scratch free and comes with case, charge, 2cylinders , instructions ,safety line Reduced to £400ono for a short time as a final reduction before I withdraw it from sale, this is an absolute bargain at this price !!
  7. Hi, is anybody want to sale out their Sauer Shoes Size 10 for Rifle? Please let me know. Thank you
  8. Last week
  9. I Have 2 x Anschutz Match 54 complete with sights if you are interested. Great club guns for beginers Let me know if you are interested
  10. Just to let you know that the rear sight is a Central No4 sight with Gehmann iris with a RPA front ladder sight with Centra adjustable iris...
  11. Ken G

    .223 Target Rifle

    .223 Target Rifle Wanted. With or without sights but must have 1 in 7 twist barrel, target trigger and target stock. Anything considered.
  12. Walther LG400 Expert, comes with: Walther case/key, tools, manuals, Walther insight out diopter with Gehmann 510 iris (extra) plus standard walther peep iris, Walther (centra) Score foresight tunnel with floating ring, Walther Up risers (extra), Walther handstop with sling ring, Walther barrel weight, 2 stock weights, 2 butt weights, Walther pull throughs and patches (unused), VFG cleaning felt pellets (one packet). Looks like new, currently set up for benchrest (scope and mounts not included) £1850. (pics don't come up very high res on here but you will struggle to find a mark on it, nearly £200 of extras)
  13. Ne Derbyshire, Chesterfield
  14. They all cock and they look to be complete but need some TLC and the pressure is very low in all of them. They are all well used. Picture is an example
  15. Hi Kevin As far as you know are the rifles all complete? Do you have any pictures of the rifles? Where in NE Derbyshire please? Thanks Andrew
  16. I have been asked to dispose of a 4 Gamo CF20’s (.177 air rifle) underlevers. These are for repair or spares hence the price of £25. Each rifle. Collection ONLY., NE Derbyshire (Chesterfield Area) Picture is an example ONLY
  17. Hello Pippin Thanks for the contact, still available at the moment....
  18. That will teach me to read the post. I went straight to the link with the pictures and read the info on there! Thank you for the information on the cost of a new barrel. That is great to know. 10x, I am very tempted... If this is still around in the new year I will probably be in touch!
  19. I doubt you will get a round count looking at the information posted originally. If the gentleman managed a couple of club weekends a year (enough to keep up to date for licensing "use" purposes), say maximum of 100 rds / weekend, then 200 rds /yr = 6 - 7 yrs with the barrel, so maybe up to 1400 rds??? It's a stainless barrel, so then at least 6000-7000(?) rds to go before re-barrelling? I had a new 30"1:13 Kreiger barrel fitted this autumn = £825 with proof costs. So, even if the round count is higher, you are still looking at what seems to be a reasonably priced rifle as "ready to go." Not sure of rear sight type - maybe Higginbottom? Looking at sights + irises, they have to be worth about £150-£200?
  20. Do you know what the condition of the barrel is? Roughly guess of shots?
  21. Hi, I think I texted you before, do you mind giving me a call on 07849964395. I would like some more details and potentially purchase the rifle now! Thank you! Diana
  22. black friday price reductions😀
  23. dda1000

    Club prone rifles

    Our Club has a couple of BSA Martini action rifles that will be surplus to our needs soon. We are in Hants. Send me a message when you have your club certificate.
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