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  2. 1. Identify your trigger model on page 6 of the attached 'BA_5018_2001-11-01_EN (1) Trigger Adjustment' file. You will find the 64 MPR in the 'For models' column. 2. Download the correct spare parts list from the following link. https://jga.anschuetz-sport.com/index.php5?menu=366&sprache=1 Hopefully this will help to identify the screw specification and part number. BA_5018_2001-11-01_EN (1) Trigger Adjustment.pdf
  3. Yesterday
  4. Looking for a match air rifle for student progressing to national competition Ideally left-handed match air rifle or one that can easily be converted with replacement hand-grip and cheek piece Looking for upgrade from club AR20 Pro Thanks
  5. Somehow this screw has dropped out and disappeared. If anyone has a spare from a trigger or can simply help me find the part number (I have looked on the relevant AHG parts diagrams without success).
  6. No problem, will send you a pm in the morn.
  7. Last week
  8. sdixon1

    Items for sale.

    I’ll take the riser blocks.
  9. System Gemini stock with brand new unused Anschutz 1907 factory selected barrelled action. The action is still in it's polystyrene box. The Gemini stock is in very good condition and was used over a two and a half year period. The selected 1907 barrelled action was bought but never used other than to have it batch tested at the Eley Range for Tenex. Front and rear sights included A bargain for somebody who only wants a top flight rifle £2,300 Genuine reason for sale Also available for half price are the 3000 Tenex chosen for the barrel after testing at the Eley range.
  10. Money received thank you . Regards, Gordon.
  11. Sold subject to the usual . Gordon.
  12. For sale is the Air Rifle and Competition Training book by Heinz Reinkemeier & Gaby Buhlmann. ( Translation by Andrew Wood & Graham Rudd ) Bought from Graham, last year it is in unmarked condition and is crammed full of information on preparing for and shooting 10m air rifle a really good informative read for the dark Winter nights ! For clarity, the marks that are visible on the cover are part of the cover graphics NOT stains or damage ! Asking £33 inc of signed for and insured UK postage . Regards, Gordon.
  13. walther up risers sold to Clive.😀
  14. Best price? Feel free to PM me.
  15. yes still available, cheers😀
  16. last of the pictures for now.
  17. Hi everyone, I'm having a clear out of the cupboard and have decided to let a lot of items go that I don't need or use, pictures will follow tomorrow. 1. Anschutz AHG330 constant leather sling - very good condition £25 + P&P. 2. ESE leather sling - very good condition £20 + P&P. 3. ESE synthetic sling - used condition £15 + P&P. 4. Gehmann 436B synthetic sling - used condition £15 + P&P. 5. Anschutz 101 top grip glove L.H. Large - good condition £15 + P&P. 6. Laserware fingerless glove L.H. Large - good condition plus another glove the same with small tear at side - £7.50 + P&P. 7. Anschutz 6705 sight set / fore sight has level bubble - very good condition £70 + P&P. 8. Anschutz 6705 sight set / fore sight - very good condition £60 + P&P. 9. Anschutz 6702 sight set / fore sight - good condition £50 + P&P. 10. Summit spotting scope 20-60 x70, a good old angled spotting scope that will do someone a turn - £25 + P&P. 11. MTM SB200 ammo box, rust colour in very good condition - £10 + P&P. 12. MTM SB200 ammo box, grey colour used condition - £7.50 + P&P. 13. Anschutz bolt handle - red colour used condition - £5 + P&P. 14. Anschutz small hand stop - very good condition - £10 + P&P. 15. Anschutz hand stop - ball type - very good condition - £20 + P&P. 16. Gehmann 869 cartridge tray - new never used and still in sealed bag - £7.50 + P&P. 17. Anschutz 1813 trigger guard - good condition - £4 + P&P. 18. Anschutz 3P riser block palm rest - in really really good condition - £55 + P&P. Sold 19. Anschutz 317 headband with blinder - very good condition - £5 + P&P. 20. Bipod to suit Anschutz rail - fair condition - £5 + P&P. 21. Anschutz polarisation filter & light filter plus another bit (no idea what it's for) to suit an Anschutz iris, in box - part no, 6775 - 6781 - £10 + P&P anyone?? 22. Centra Block Max Speed raisers for 19 series Anschutz (fits my sons 1907) - immaculate as new in box (never needed them, bought with a sight set bundle) currently £147 new in Edinkillie - £75 + P&P. Provisionally sold. 23. Anschutz 1411 stock, no butt hook but been modified to take an 1813 butt hook carrier etc, very good condition - £50 + P&P. 24. Anschutz Match 54 stock (ISU style) - suit junior as shortened, butt plate fitted but no butt hook - good condition - £50 + P&P. 25. Anschutz 1810 ISU complete stock, in very good condition but has a bad crack in stock at wrist, could be glued / pinned but being sold as spare parts, has rubber butt plate, spacers etc. - £50 + P&P. Sold. 26. Anschutz 1813 stock complete with carrier plate, butt hook and trigger guard, 95% sanded down and ready to be oiled / varnished. Bargain at £175 + P&P. Sold. I have a couple of pictures of the Anschutz 1813 stock attached but not the best quality off the ipad, will get more up tomorrow. I will not make anything off the P&P and if you buy more than one item it will get bundled in the same box to keep postage down. Any questions just send a PM to me. Thanks for looking.
  18. No worries. If l hear nothing, l’ll assume all is well. cheers Rob
  19. Scooby

    Firing pin 1407-U4

    Got one to try out tomorrow. Will let you know if not good.
  20. Hi Scooby, ‘Any chance of a photo....might just have one, circa 1968! Photo to rpthorp@btinternet.com. If l can locate and it’s of use, it’s yours. cheers Rob
  21. RobinC

    Centra Spy

    Sorry Wesley! I'll leave it to you! Robin
  22. Should have added that I am right handed. However, it looks like Jim Hallam at Bisley, whom I also asked, will be able to help with the wood. The complete action is a matter for a variation to one's certificate because of the breech block counting as a pressure part, as I suspected, but I deduce that you could dismantle the action and sell off the parts, leaving the breech block behind - or have I got it wrong?
  23. As per title, I would like to buy a BSA Martini International Mk 2 or Mk 3 butt (no need of a fore end). Condition not too important provided it is sound. The reason: I wish to shoot my Mk 3 competitively but the butt is too long and the cheek piece does not suit me and I don't wish to cut the original butt, which, like the rest of the rifle, is in excellent/perfect condition. Perhaps your club has an old BSA languishing that it cannot sell as a complete rifle and which it would be prepared to break up? If so, your club could sell the sights for a decent sum (just see what they go for on ebay) and sell the butt to me. I would also be interested in parts from the action as spares, if a way could be found to transfer them without my having to obtain a new slot on my FAC; nearly all the parts removable from the action are or have been freely sold as individual bits and pieces (see the John Knibbs web site), even though the complete, detachable action would probably count as a pressure part, like a conventional bolt, and therefore require a slot, even without the barrel - unless someone knows different, in which case I would buy the complete action. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  24. Wesley92

    Centra Spy

    Stolen my wanted thread...
  25. RobinC

    Centra Spy

    The odds of some wanting to buy a Spy with a Duplex and a Monocle is rare, but all individually are highly sellable, I'd be interested in the Spy if the price was right. Robin
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