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  3. We have a problem with on of our club Match 64 (1403) dating from 1974!. The part of the sear on the bolt has become too worn to lock the bolt cocked. A local gunsmith has looked at it and managed a temporary repair with careful grinding but it didn't last long and now he says it needs a replacement part. The part no is 1392-12 Schlagbolzenmutter or Cocking piece (number 12 on the diagram below). I have found in an Anschutz spare price list but I wonder if anyone has one knocking about before we try to purchase a replacement from Anschutz. I know its probably a long shot but if such a thing exists rattling around your club we can make good use of it. Thanks in advance .
  4. Cumbrian

    Eagle eye

    I may be able to help. I have a spare Centra 0.3 x 22mm eagle eye. Would that fit your foresight?
  5. Yesterday
  6. Hi, 150 for jacket, trousers sold already
  7. Can’t seem to upload photos for some reason, so can send via email if requested.
  8. I am willing to sell just the rifle, as suppled by Anschutz, minus the sights, handstop, bipod. comes complete with Anschutz locking case etc. Sensible offers considered Garath
  9. Rupert

    Dillon 650 XL

    I have a Dillon 650 XL in need of some TLC. It has a slightly damaged .308 plate and is missing a retaining pin for the die block but is otherwise perfectly functional. I have had no problem resizing and priming thousands of cases on it for my club and the required components are easily acquired from Dillon. May even get them for free as their customer service is fantastic! Moving house and will not be able to take it with me. Looking to either sell it to an individual/club seeking a Dillon or give it to a university club for a nominal price. In the case of an individual, please send me an offer. For university clubs, let me know your circumstances and we can have a chat. PM me if interested with any offers or relevant circumstances. Is as seen in photos (including the large transformer for the case spinning thing on top). For collection only - not far from Bisley.
  10. Coiln

    WaltherKK500 £3200

    Perhaps you should put Im asking £3200 as it makes no sense to say asking for offers no lower than £3200
  11. Was talking to Claudia about this and its still for sale She has been busy with other stuff and hasnt been on lately Rifle is like new with very few rounds through it ( maybe 1000 ) RFD to RFD Contact via Pm's are best
  12. Stress on the action would be my guess. The 2013 has two pairs, so tension could be lateral not just in line with the barrel. I've not shot a 2013, only the round-square adaptor, and that with a torque driver.
  13. Maybe I’m not understanding the implications of incorrectly tightened bolts but I can’t see how it would cause flyers? I’d expect a consistent amount of poor shots not lots of good ones then occasional bad ones.
  14. Last week
  15. Will you take £150? Bit of a lowball
  16. Dann do you still have 4765 butthook? If so please send picks Chris
  17. Hi mje10, The pistol is still for sale, I will reply to your private messages.
  18. Damo1973

    Eagle eye

    Wanted 0.3 Eagle eye in a 22mm, I've got a 18mm but have changed my front sights.
  19. I am looking for a pair of rifle boots size 6/7 for my daughter. Please Let me know if you have any in either size for sale.
  20. Chris plant


    buttplate and carrier 4765 for Anschutz 2013 / 2018 model please supply photo and price
  21. Hi I am after a competition 10m pistol near to Staffordshire. Ideally : Steyr Evo 10 or LP10 FWB PX8 Walther Thanks
  22. Feinwerkbau 800 Junior 10m target rifle for sale, pristine condition, comes with FWB hard case, spare barrel weights, fill adaptor (for 232bar bottles)with spacer ring for use on 300 bar bottles, user manual and tools. It’s not being used so selling to fund a 12ft/lb rifle.£850 collection only from Fareham, Hampshire.Photos to follow or sent to your email address.
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