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  2. neil

    ADMIN ,Scammer alert

    Thanks guys, as said above .. stay alert, and if something seems suspicious/too good to be true then it probably is!
  3. sdixon1

    Full bore rifle

    I bought a secondhand full Bore rifle two years ago thinking I’ll shoot more. I managed one day. I’ve now transferred it off my fac to my local dealer. See link. https://www.tackleandguns.net/used-762mm-musgrave-ba-rifle-4532-p.asp Thanks Scott
  4. Yesterday
  5. The fellow selling that stock is a Mike as well. Coincidence. It looks like it has been shortened a bit... Probably for adjustable butt plate in the past.... G'day Mike. Yes I haven't checked Ebay for a couple of weeks so I will take your advice and do it now.
  6. Button Spoon/Buddy £10 inc postage shooting hat with flaps not issf compliant but would make many a club shooter happy £10 inc postage glove gehmann medium size RH shooter £15 inc postage All 3 items combined £35 inc postage
  7. G'day Mike. Yes I haven't checked Ebay for a couple of weeks so I will take your advice and do it now.
  8. MIke Jenvey


    What are the details please? Worth putting the information on the "For Sale" forum?
  9. Long shot - there are some BSA International stocks on eBay - worth a look to see if anything matches?
  10. Last week
  11. Hello, I have to sell this Anschutz shot jacket size 50. It is in very good condition as you can see from the photos. If you want more specific photos just ask and send by email. I am asking 100 € plus postage with payment by PayPal. I can consider the exchange for some shooting material.
  12. Tesro RS 100 signum precision air rifle for sale very good condition, about 4 years old but owned for 2 years but has only been used by me for 1 and a half. Put about 2,000 pellets through it myself. Has fully provided adjustable rear sight and foresight raisers and comes with the Tesro match rearsight. £1,400 considering offers Pm for photos as struggling to upload any to here.
  13. I got the same earlier, Silly cnut 😂
  14. Hi dhracer, is this still for sale? Have DMd you but am interested in this rifle if it's still up.
  15. He passed it on to a Lawrence in London who reckons I could collect ... Now a new member paulmarch has offered me one from Andrew in Cornwall ... strange
  16. Hi, Please can I have first refusal. Just need a few details. many thanks Will Pm. Best paul
  17. Original System Gemini Stock in good condition with fixed hand grip built to take any Anschutz match 54 series action. Had it for about 3 years but was only used for 2 due to getting a new stock. £700 o.n.o Can't upload images on here for some reason so feel free to pm me your number if interested and want to see images. Thanks!
  18. Guy

    Reloading equipment

    Don't buy a progressive press if you're new to reloading; they're difficult to set up and can be temperamental. Buy a single stage kit (I too started with the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Master kit) and learn about the process. Your initial forays into handloading are about learning to perform each step correctly to create safe ammunition, not cranking out hundreds of rounds on a progressive press.
  19. I would ask that you consider Dillon reloading machines, have a look at Dillon Precision.com and also on You Tube, there is lots of info/videos out there to assist. Whilst Dillon do a Square Deal Press this is only suitable for pistol calibres, a 550C or a 650XL now upgraded to 750 XL , both will do everything you require and allow for future calibres. A 550C is a large multi stage press that indexes by you moving the shell plate around, whereas the 650/750 is indexed by you pulling the handle. The 550C is bought as a machine without the calibre conversion kit that you wish to load whereas the 650/750 is purchased with the calibre conversion kit already installed. For both machines additional calibres conversion kits are then required for the calibres you wish to load. All standard reloading dies fit both machines. If you wanted to really push the proverbial reloading boat out then Dillon sell a really large 1050 reloading press, which is often used by commercial reloading outfits, but it is something I would not recommend for you. both 550 and 750 machines can be added too once you get used to them, I could ramble on but one final bit of info, Dillon machines are covered by a lifetime warranty, or as it is marketed in the USA, a "No BS " warranty.
  20. Earlier
  21. I had the same about my pistol wanted ad. I sent an email hoping he’d meet me halfway 😂 somehow I think not !
  22. Yup, a guy was scammed over on UKV.
  23. Thank you for the pictures, very kind. I don't think it's quite what I'm looking for though.
  24. I have sent you a PM.
  25. jonty

    ADMIN ,Scammer alert

    Good Post. This guy contacts people looking for items giving details of who to contact. It has previously been aired on here and sadly some have fallen victim. The same person is using the same M.O on sites in the U.S. Be careful, stay alert has a new meaning. Jonty
  26. The fixed eagle eye 0.75 is M22
  27. Had a message from a Michael 112 responding to wanted as I put up on the forum , claims a Lawrence in London has either of the scopes I'm looking for . This has been happening on UKV also .
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