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  2. mikehill

    Steyr LP10

    Hi Steven, how easy is it to remove the polymorph
  3. Yesterday
  4. Price reduced to £375 posted for quick sale. cismpete
  5. Steven999

    Steyr LP10

    Price reduced £450 no offers
  6. Last week
  7. Revised price due to retirement. Anyone interested this needs to be moved on to its next owner, make an offer or ask a question!!!
  8. Hawkeye borescope, boxed, with additional Nikon right angle eyepiece finder + adapter. £450 posted (UK) Cismpete
  9. Or whatever you want to call them looking for XS, S, M of the above for our junior section in good condition If any of your kids do not shoot anymore
  10. Looking for a left handed jacket suitable for a lady around the medium size if the jacket comes with sling and glove even better
  11. MC762

    foresight bubble

    I have one of these, I'll dig it out
  12. Hi Mike, I will come back to you once I have sourced their replacements.
  13. I’m half decent at electronics and our club only has manual changers. They’d do for us to get started if you want to move them on ?
  14. Steven999

    Steyr LP10

    Price update £510 no offers
  15. Hi Mike, As our Dicals are 30+ years old and starting to become unreliable, hence the reason for wanting to replace them, I think that they will not have much life left in them or value.
  16. Would you be selling the old Dical ones ?
  17. Afternoon Ian, thank you for your reply. I have sent two emails to Martin Highton, but up to yet have not received a reply.
  18. Steven999

    Steyr LP10

    Steyr LP10 pistol for sale Comes with box , safety line ,tools and two cylinders currently has a medium large grip with polymorph on it Very accurate , been serviced by harry preston 1 year ago , hardly used located scotland and pick up only £510
  19. Peli case ,race front sight ,Hro pins & Hro trigger still available price lowered
  20. Don't know if they're Haering, but this news item is on the NSRA web page:- - - - - - NW Pentathlon has a six lane set of returning target changers and 10m air pistol targets (many sequentially numbered) that are no longer of use for pentathlon. If your club is interested in acquiring these please contact Martin Highton, Chairman NW Pentathlon at martin.highton@orpheusmail.co.uk - - - - -
  21. We are looking to replace some of our aged Dical 10 metre target changers and ideally would like to obtain some Haring EL3 complete units. They appear to be a bit like rocking horse poo and the new German owner of Haring has advised that they are currently redesigning the EL3 with a potential release date of sometime in 2020. Does anyone know of any good quality second hand ones please?
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  23. Hi, Is this rifle still available Thanks Derek 01903 786124
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