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Turning Target Unit

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The following is being offered by my club located in the East Midlands . . . 

HÄRING PA10 – Turning target unit
The unit stands on a table-top or a shelf with 5 target holders that all work ‘in sync’ – ie, 1 turns, they all turn!
The control unit has a selector dial with which you select your course of fire, hit start and the changer does the rest. 4sec, 6sec, 8 sec, 10 sec, 20 sec & 30sec are all selectable.
There is also a corded remote control which has a simple ‘face’ and ‘edge’ facility outside of the pre-configured timings.

Now that “self-indexing” 5 shot air pistols are in the game again, you can practise Rapid Fire pistol without the need of armed guards at every entrance!

https://youtu.be/F7U1SfcDaPI  or https://youtu.be/o5OSVHQfrVU to see it in action

Guide price: £420.00 to £450.00

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