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Anschutz 1903

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Excellent condone used for bench rest discipline.


Had about 2500 rounds through it and got me a 3rd place in B class eley comp last year.


I am of to live in Oz hence selling.


Can come with rest and glove if collected.


£600 excellent condition.


RFD transfer available.


Pics to follow.

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Start with a Customs enquiry at Australia House in London. If you are intending to live there permanently I assume you must be in contact with there immigration section already.


Your rifle is classed as a category A or B firearm so should not prove too difficult to import. You will need a permit from the police in whichever State you intend to reside in which is not a problem if you are going there for a shooting event & then leaving the country afterwards.


The big difficulty might be that until you are a member of an authorised shooting club you might have to leave the rifle with Customs as they will say that you will not have secure storage available for the rifle until then.


If you are going there on a temporary work permit then it won't be worth the effort.

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Good idea. It will depend where you settle in as to how near you might be to a club which shoots .22 benchrest. Very much a game of chance but in general travelling around is a lot easier than in the populated parts of UK. You soon get used to travelling bigger distances to access what you want.


If you are going to be near Melbourne I can give you some details of who to contact when you are ready. If not there then each State has it's own Association & their details should not be hard to find on the Internet.


Good luck for the future, I found it a great country to live in once you adapt to their way of life.

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