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Forum Upgraded

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The forum has been upgraded by 2 revisions. I haven't had time of late to keep the

forum up to date with the most current version but there were some significant

security flaws which have now been addressed.


The calendar functionality has been improved along with a few other things - enjoy!


Any issues, then please email me forum-admin@stirton.com or report them in the

Bugs forum.




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I've just done a major upgrade from v2.3 to v3.0 which you will hopefully like.

There are a few issues with the gallery which I am aware of and will see if it is possible to fix the broken links, so please bear with me.


Any other 'issues' that you feel are 'bugs' and not simply new features, then please let me know.


Many thanks


Edited by neil
Gallery links now repaired

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Hi folks,


Upgraded to the latest version .. slightly fresher look but things should be generally the same.


Had to decide on either the avatar photos or profile pics, so hope you don't mind the image that's now associated with your profile. If you do, then feel free to upload a new photo :D


You should now also have more 'granularity' when using the 'View New Content' option, not only showing you the posts since your last visit but also all unread posts, last 7 days etc.


Things like multi-quoting, video embeding and much more are also now available.


For a full-list of what the latest version can do - http://www.invisionpower.com/products/board/tour/


As always, let me know of any issues.

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