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10Meter Alu Stocked Rifle Wanted

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looking for p70,2002, etc alu stock preffered


I saw it Chris and to be honest its a bargain but still too rich for my blood, I'm really looking at sub 1000, maybe 1100 tops. If I had the money I would have the 700 anytime, but it would take me till March to scare up 1.5k.

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honestly if I could scare up the money by the END of March then I would go for it, but to be honest I could wait until the end of may and have a new one if I had that much patience.


I have been pm'd with some lessor beasts though, which are probably closer to my budget. If they are no goers though, I will be saving my pennies.


I suspect some one will snap your 700 up before I can afford her.



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