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3p Stand

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I have for sale two brand new still in box Champions Choice, 3P stands complete with ammo box attachment and also pellet box tray. I bought these in the states last year with a view to starting 3P and or air rifle again for myself and A N other, unfortunatley a trip to the house of Nectar near Bisley, no not a friendly knocking shop, but a retail outlet, taste the difference.


Anyway I digress, as my my knees/legs are now totally "Michael Owened" and awaiting the glint of stainless steel, gentlemen we can rebuild him.


Who would like to give me a sensible offer.


Alternatively, being as I a reasonable person, I am willing to sponsor an up and coming junior by way of donation of one of the stands, providing I receive a cv of achievements so far and aspirations, and I will judge from there, and I dont mean getting your dad or mum to write it cos they want one.


Yours in sport Jimbo

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You've got a PM :)

Hey Jim, do you still have either of the bad boys for sale??


If so what sort of price are you after??



Hi Sink


I have donated one to a worthy cause as sponsorship and the other is awaiting confirmation of purchase, potential buyer is out of the country at the moment. I will post again if it becomes available



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