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  1. Scatt Wanted

    Hi, I PMed you but you can't receive messages. Give me a pm if your still in the market for a scatt. James.
  2. For Sale Fwb 700 Air Rifle Blue Alu

    PM sent
  3. Rearsights + Accessories

    PM sent, about the raisers. James.
  4. Scatt Usb For Sale

    You have mail. James.
  5. Rifle And Kit For Sale

    I sent you a PM, James
  6. Rifle And Kit For Sale

    I sent you a PM. James.
  7. Jacket Needed

    I have a Kurt Thune Xpert leather jacket for sale. I sent you a PM. James.
  8. Thumbhole Stock For Anschutz1813

    Brian, If you are a member of the NSRA I would advise you to take advantage of the insurance they provide. I made a claim last year on behalf of our club to replace an Anschutz thumbhole stock which had suffered a similar problem to yours (ours split across the grain, adjacent to the slot for the bolt, but was equally unrepairable). I found the process straight forward and quick. Having got a letter from a gunsmith verifying that the old stock was not repairable, we purchaced a new replacement and forwarded the receipt to the insurance company who then reimbursed us minus the excess on the policy. James
  9. Fwb P70 For Sale

    Hi, I'm interested in your air rifle. I'm new to this forum and not too sure how to use it. Would you be able to give me a ring on 01955 661226 or email me at james@larel.net Regards James Henderson.