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  1. Faq File Availability

    On the FAQ page http://forum.stirton.com/index.php?act=ST&f=1&t=60 the link to the actual document at http://forum.stirton.com/faq.php does not work.
  2. Faq File Availability

    Cover me in custard and call me mister pickey
  3. Shooting frames?

    Sure thing. They have been gathering dust for six months so they can gather dust for a little longer eh :wink: Is there an address I could send them to? (via e-mail, please) C ya Graham.
  4. Shooting frames?

    Hi Neil, I have a pair of Champion frames you can have/try/give to charity/give to worthy junior shooter. If I give them to you, you must pass them on for the same price (sod all!) when you have done with them. The frames have two rifle shooter lens holders and a single eye shade. Also included is a Knobloc pistol shooter lens holder and iris modified to work with the Champion frames (I had previously upgraded from Knobloc) Give me a call when you get into the UK and we can sort you getting them to you. Hope you are enjoying the land of the rising Yen. Graham.