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  1. Final Sell Off

    Please email richard.phillips@b38group.com should you wish to see photos for particular items or to buy. Or call 07540132206 ahg anschutz kneeling roll - black with purple and green on the ends http://www.scoreshot.co.uk/anschutz-kneeling-roll-p-184.html?osCsid=74207e542be87247409515c27c72755b norbar torque wrench - with standard key for anschutz/fwb etc http://www.tooltrolley.co.uk/hand-tools-84/mechanics-tools-5743/torque-wrenches-5812/norbar-torque-wrench-3-8in-square-drive-4-20nm-11087-47041.html shooting scope and stand (opticron scope)(gehman stand) http://www.microglobe.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?pName=opticron-aa63a-22x60-45-spotting-scope-22x60-45&manufacturers_id=57 and http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/gehmann-alloy-scope-stand-p-56.html?cPath=30_32 Kurt Thune shooting boots - size 42 or UK8 but actually fit a 9. (with boot spanners) Black, grey and yellow Pelicase 1120 with foam - orange case ESE blue sling with attachment http://www.riflebitz.com/ambidextrous-sling-p-155.html Anschutz 3p shooting stand - sliver/blue Photos of everything attached.
  2. Final Sell Off

    Thank you for all your interest. I know it's a complete pain in the arse and that no-one really enjoys doing it but surely there must be some interest for the 3p bits!!!! As it stands I have reserved everything for people except for the 3p stand and the Kneeling roll. As Neil Stirton can tell you - they have had very little use by me!!! All the best. Richard
  3. Final Sell Off

    Ok. Pelicase: gone for 15 Sauer bag: gone for 60 Torque wrench: gone for 40 Scope and stand: 130- looking to sell together ideally Boots: 40 3p stand: 40 Sling: 15 3p roll: 20 Mat: 50 All plus p+p: I will charge for the royal mail price plus a small amount for packaging.
  4. Final Sell Off

    To add to the Sauer Shooting bag I also have a: Blue Kurt Thune Shooting Mat. Thats it - no more.
  5. Final Sell Off

    And a Sauer 'All in one'shooting bag - silvery gray colour - with wheels
  6. Right-handed Grip size - medium Black stock - black/grey cheekpiece and pistol grip, black 3p alu palm rest Barrel - 24mm dia. Fantastic results at Eley. Offers in region of £1150 to phillips.richardj@googlemail.com
  7. Fwb 2700 (Black Alu Stock, Spankingly Good Barrel)

    With just enough time to buy a new rifle, train for 1078 days and maybe compete at London 2012 this is an offer you cant refuse!!!! To anwser some more of the common questions I have had: I am afraid I do not have any photos on me at the moment, I am currently in Hong Kong but will be back in the UK in a couple of weeks hense wishing to be able to sell on my return However if you let me know, I can provide photos to your email address then. The number of rounds down the barrel is around around 6000, all batch tested. Results will also be available along with a velocity recommendation when i get back. I will be based between Devon, London, Oxford and Cambridge. I can be flexible when I am at these locations but unfortunately I will not be at Bisley for the week - first time in years!! Good luck to all!
  8. 1720 Long Case Interior Dimensions: 42.00" x 13.50" x 5.25" (106.6 x 34.3 x 13.3 cm) Offers to phillips.richardj@googlemail.com
  9. For Sale, a MEC free position Buttplate Buttplate in very good condition, comes with a Feinwerkbau carrier (if required) My email address is: phillips.richardj@googlemail.com if you have any questions. Sensible offers accepted by email. Thanks for looking Rich
  10. Mec Free Position Butt Plate (with Fwb Carrier)

  11. Feinwerkbau 2602 blue alloy stock with original accessories (supermatch) Looking for buyer by the end of november to make way for new anschutz. £1150 ono if interested i am at bisley november 4/5 and nov 17/18/19 for viewings and my email address is: 05022063@brookes.ac.uk Rich Phillips 07894 044629 please feel free to email me for photos etc and any specific information about the rifle.
  12. Fwb 2602 For Sale (blue Alluminium Stock)

    Seems to have caused a bit of a stir. I have found a willing buyer for the agreed asking price but have not confirmed to them that i am still able to sell it. Spoke to Donald and will do again inafew weeks about it, but im currently looking for Mr John Churchleys number, if anyone has it?! All help much apprecited though.. thanks all
  13. Fwb 2602 For Sale (blue Alluminium Stock)

    its cheap because anschutz wernt impressed i was using a fwb at the worldchamps(+FWB wernt too keen to give any good deals in croatia), barrel has been selected anyway back to the topic of the FWB being for sale..... still looking for buyers, have turned down 2 offers so far!
  14. Fwb 2602 For Sale (blue Alluminium Stock)

    Thanks for your concerns! Mr Anschutz is giving me a really cheap one....so.....i thought it would be rude not to take him up on his offer!
  15. Fwb 2602 For Sale (blue Alluminium Stock)

    age must be about 5 years old, bought it from new, 20-25K rounds. Lastest Eley batchtesting groups better than the previous ones, i havnt got the exact figures on me as im at uni but the 40group came to 14,0. again i must add i am in a hurry to sell! has been checked annually with FWB, and fully serviced in july in croatia can sell a certain amount of batched ammunition with it (at dealer prices)