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  1. Viewing On An iPhone

    Great find, and much faster than using the browser. Thanks, Steve
  2. I'm looking for a 4.5mm front sight for the Steyr LP10/5. Thanks, Steve.
  3. 4.5Mm Foresight For Steyr Air Pistol

    Thanks David, as suggested I've ordered one from Harry.
  4. View New Posts

    When the board was upgraded I had to "Mark board as Read" -- bottom of the screen, otherwise it showed all posts as new content. Since I did that, the View New Content works ok for me. Steve.
  5. Avatars Not Displaying

    Yes works fine for me now Neil. Thanks, Steve.
  6. Multi-day Events In Calendar

    Is it ok for 'ordinary' people to enter in competition dates onto the calendar ? - or is it limited to the event organisers ? Its just that its the first place I check for up and coming events, and there are few events not yet listed. Steve.
  7. Registered Members

    And over 30,000 quality posts too!
  8. Registered Members

    Is it true that the 1,000 member gets a signed photograph from Neil ?
  9. Profile

    Not sure if its just me, but when I click on profile I now get the following at the top of the page: ���Mac OS X ���� ���2��°�����â������������������������������������ATTR¡zì��â���˜���*���� (Using Firefox and Linux) Seems to only started doing this since the upgrade. Steve.
  10. Profile

    Yep, all fixed Thanks, Steve.
  11. Ip Board Pro Skin

    Not a major bug or anything but, I have swapped to the IP.Board Pro Skin, and now when I click on the gallery menu I get the following error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '=', expecting ')' in /home/stirton/public_html/forum/cache/skin_cache/cacheid_7/skin_gallery_cats.php on line 16 Cheers, Steve.
  12. Ip Board Pro Skin

    What can I say, if a buttons there I'll try pressing it Steve 'Now using IPB Default'
  13. Promoting The Forum

    As a fairly recent member to the forum, I thought that some of the background of how I came across the forum may help in working out how best to attract other members (or not as the case maybe). I had been taking part in FT/HFT at a club - not seriously, but enough to go along to a few competitions. I enjoyed both, however I also started to get an interest in target shooting. I did quite a lot of googling etc, to try and find clubs, or other sources of information - along the lines of 10M, Olympic etc etc. The only site I came across seemed to be TargetTalk, so I posted a request for further information on there. (We are talking a concerted search effort, not a casual few minutes of searching). Some of the first responses were from David Levene, and Rob Stubbs, and they pointed me in the direction of this forum. (something which I'd like to thank them for again!) It turns out I had visited the unregistered section on earlier searches, but thought that it was no longer active, as I didn't realise that you had to get registration/ approval to access the most useful areas. Its not a criticism really, as being a member of a number of shooting forums, I have come to find that all though the frequency of posting on here is lower than most, the level and quality of posting is very high. I have to also say - and this is in no way a criticism of the forum, that target shooting in general is much more difficult to find information about, than say ft/hft. I'd thank everyone else for postings and Neil for hosting, but it would sound like a BAFTA or something! Steve.
  14. Minus 2 New Messages ??

    Mine's showing 0 new messages, so I guess its not a system wide problem. Steve.