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  1. For Sale: Rohm Twinmaster Match 177 Target Air Pistol

    You may find the price a little high. I purchased a similar Rohm Twinmaster Match for £365 (including shipping to an appropriate recipient) about a year ago. My gold air cylinder expires in 2015 (made in 2005), thus a year younger than yours. I hope this answers the question from Ted and helps you sell your pistol. Best regards Bob M
  2. Server Time

    Just posted a reply and it was timed 12.52 am, but in reality its actually 11.52 pm..... is this not misleading? Regards Bob M
  3. ALL NOW SOLD - THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST I have the following items for sale as a group: Anschutz 2013L (Left handed s/n 286nnn) Walnut? stock with H&S butt hook, Duguid Mk1 L/H rear sight, Anschutz 7002 (normal clicks) L/H, Foam lined soft zipped case inc cleaning rod plus assorted accessory small items. I had the barrel and action in 2004 when it had about 200 rounds through it. The stock was purchased about 12 months later, at which point I started shooting the rifle. I have shot about 10,000 rounds through it and it shoots well. I have the original Anshutz booklet and electronic manuals. Until recently was serviced at Bisley every 2 years. Looking for £1250 for the lot. Proceeds will part-pay for a Clay Pigeon Trap gun! Picture links here: Butt and butt hook picture Barrel picture Breech picture with Duguid sight Please PM for any other specific questions or images. Best regards Bob M
  4. Anschutz 2013l + Sights (x2) For Sale

  5. Anschutz 2013l + Sights (x2) For Sale

    Oh and here is a list and attached picture of the accessories with the 2013. Weight extension, screws and 4 weights Torque allen key Normal allen key Sling connector Border Barrels Rim Thickness gauge Anschutz 7002 rearsight with Geymann iris Best regards Bob M
  6. Anschutz 2013l + Sights (x2) For Sale

    Hi Beltherion At present I am looking to sell as a package, as it makes a good Indoor and Outdoor combination. I do have an extra Duguid L/H sight (number 34), but I personally recommend them for outdoor. If I were to sell the extra Duguid, it would be priced to sell at £135 with a spare perspex upright, 2 extra grommits and 2 different peep holes. Currently there are two interested people in the package since my post last night, but in the unlikely event that this does not seem attractive to anyone, I will repost the items priced individually. Thanks for your interest and keep watching this space. Bob M
  7. L/handed Anschutz 1600 Series ***sold***

    Now interestingly, my serial number 181447X had the groove, but not the exposed firing pin. Being a left-handed 1810L may have something to do with it. Maybe the serial number sequence was not contiguous. Regards Bob M
  8. Wanted: Variable Forsight Iris M22

    Beware of variable foresights. I had one that changed itself over time. It could be another thing that might go wrong. Best wishes Bob M
  9. Heavy Left-handed Rifle

    I have a left-hand 2013, but may be a little expensive circa £1200 inc 7020/10 rearsight. Bob M
  10. .22lr Anschutz Rifle

    Best to ask here. Normally people respond and at least see what you can get for your money. Good Luck Bob M
  11. Donations

  12. Offset Sights

    Here's the advice of a right handed shooter that went left handed after an eye injury: It takes about 4 weeks to convert, depending on your skill level and amount of practice! Offset sights introduce too many variables, as do periscopes. Best regards Bob M
  13. Ruger 10/22

    Section 1 is Firearms, which shotguns become when they fall outside the scope of the definition 'Shotgun'. An example is the magazine size, over two cartridges. Regards
  14. Forum Time

    Thanks Neil Settings were +1. Now set to GMT.
  15. Forum Time

    Or even the previous post to this at 20:30!
  16. Forum Time

    Post number 10 on the Glasgow thread. Regards
  17. Forum Time

    O.K. guys, now explain why 17:06 edit comes out as a post with: "This post has been edited by smallbore: Today, 07:06 PM"
  18. New Post Markers

    It seems to me that the new post evaluation has been changed to use the last login time and not whatever was being used before. Whenever I logout now, I lose all the messages on the unread messages list, that were posted before my new login date/time. Regards
  19. New Post Markers

    Logging out and back worked for me. Win XP Pro, IE 7.0.5
  20. New Post Markers

    What is particularly interesting is my OU forums have the same issue, as well as this forum! Work that one out. Best regards
  21. Duguid Panoramic Rearsight

    You have a PM. Best regards
  22. Duguid Panoramic Rearsight

    Is it a right-hand new model with big knobs!
  23. Left Hand Rifle Wanted

    Just to confirm the requirement has been satisfied and transaction complete today. I look forward to hearing the user's learning and achievements with the L/H rifle. Thanks Simon for your facilitation. I'll email you personally. Best wishes,
  24. Setting Up A Invision Forum

    I guess I need some information, that I'm hoping you can supply. I suggested internally that it would be good to have something like this forum setup for a group of users to use internally. Now, guess what, they want me to investigate further. So here's my questions (and I'm hoping you can answer): 1. How much does the forum software cost? 2. Is it difficult to implement? (We have an IT dept handling about 2000 users, intranet, internet, Oracle databases, SQL server etc already) 3. Is there a lot of routine maintenance needed? 4. What sort of support software do I need in place? I hope you can give me the information, thus help budget for an implementation. I have 25 years of IT behind me, so don't hesitate to talk a little technical. Best regards and thanks in advance Bob M