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  1. For Sale: Rohm Twinmaster Match 177 Target Air Pistol

    You may find the price a little high. I purchased a similar Rohm Twinmaster Match for £365 (including shipping to an appropriate recipient) about a year ago. My gold air cylinder expires in 2015 (made in 2005), thus a year younger than yours. I hope this answers the question from Ted and helps you sell your pistol. Best regards Bob M
  2. Anschutz 2013l + Sights (x2) For Sale

  3. Anschutz 2013l + Sights (x2) For Sale

    Oh and here is a list and attached picture of the accessories with the 2013. Weight extension, screws and 4 weights Torque allen key Normal allen key Sling connector Border Barrels Rim Thickness gauge Anschutz 7002 rearsight with Geymann iris Best regards Bob M
  4. Anschutz 2013l + Sights (x2) For Sale

    Hi Beltherion At present I am looking to sell as a package, as it makes a good Indoor and Outdoor combination. I do have an extra Duguid L/H sight (number 34), but I personally recommend them for outdoor. If I were to sell the extra Duguid, it would be priced to sell at £135 with a spare perspex upright, 2 extra grommits and 2 different peep holes. Currently there are two interested people in the package since my post last night, but in the unlikely event that this does not seem attractive to anyone, I will repost the items priced individually. Thanks for your interest and keep watching this space. Bob M
  5. ALL NOW SOLD - THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST I have the following items for sale as a group: Anschutz 2013L (Left handed s/n 286nnn) Walnut? stock with H&S butt hook, Duguid Mk1 L/H rear sight, Anschutz 7002 (normal clicks) L/H, Foam lined soft zipped case inc cleaning rod plus assorted accessory small items. I had the barrel and action in 2004 when it had about 200 rounds through it. The stock was purchased about 12 months later, at which point I started shooting the rifle. I have shot about 10,000 rounds through it and it shoots well. I have the original Anshutz booklet and electronic manuals. Until recently was serviced at Bisley every 2 years. Looking for £1250 for the lot. Proceeds will part-pay for a Clay Pigeon Trap gun! Picture links here: Butt and butt hook picture Barrel picture Breech picture with Duguid sight Please PM for any other specific questions or images. Best regards Bob M
  6. L/handed Anschutz 1600 Series ***sold***

    Now interestingly, my serial number 181447X had the groove, but not the exposed firing pin. Being a left-handed 1810L may have something to do with it. Maybe the serial number sequence was not contiguous. Regards Bob M
  7. Wanted: Variable Forsight Iris M22

    Beware of variable foresights. I had one that changed itself over time. It could be another thing that might go wrong. Best wishes Bob M
  8. Heavy Left-handed Rifle

    I have a left-hand 2013, but may be a little expensive circa £1200 inc 7020/10 rearsight. Bob M
  9. .22lr Anschutz Rifle

    Best to ask here. Normally people respond and at least see what you can get for your money. Good Luck Bob M
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  11. Offset Sights

    Here's the advice of a right handed shooter that went left handed after an eye injury: It takes about 4 weeks to convert, depending on your skill level and amount of practice! Offset sights introduce too many variables, as do periscopes. Best regards Bob M
  12. Ruger 10/22

    Section 1 is Firearms, which shotguns become when they fall outside the scope of the definition 'Shotgun'. An example is the magazine size, over two cartridges. Regards
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