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  1. .308 / 7.62mm Target Rifle Wanted

    ring fultons, shop is next to nra office. try hps. get your hands on an nra journal, usually plenty adverts for folk who may be able to help. border barrels may not be able to help directly but may know someone. try and contact some local fullbore clubs. apologies if you've tried any/all of above.
  2. Offset Sights

    thanks bob will pass that on. richard
  3. Offset Sights

    essentially he's right handed with a very dodgy right eye. he's been with us for a couple of months now and has adapted to shooting left handed to use his good eye. he's grouping very well considering but he has a niggle that he can do better shooting right handed as it will come more naturally. like all good shooters should he wants to explore that niggle but we want to enable him to explore it without being out of pocket (possibly£200 or so) before finally deciding what's best for him. richard
  4. Offset Sights

    our club has a probationary member who needs to try a set of offset sights before deciding whether to spend his pennies or shoot left handed. i realise this is a difficult ask but is anyone in a position to help, in anyway at all? all we need is some way for this person to try a set out. thank you in anticipation. richard