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    Hemmers got a reaction from davethechamp in .22 Rifle Ammo Haul   
    And it doesn't need to be a top-tier brand.
    I mean, if that money is burning a hole in your pocket or you're sponsored, then by all means get Tenex/R50/Midas+, but if you find a batch of Eley Match/RWS Rifle Match/Center-X that your rifle likes, that will serve far better and offer more consistency than shooting lots of odd-batch R50 and Tenex (and you'll have more budget left for kit/travel/comps/associated training expenses).
    The label is only based on their proofing barrels, which gives an indication to consistency but it's performance in your barrel that counts - to that end, I'm not convinced you're getting a lot of value buying off-the-shelf odds of Tenex compared with off-the-shelf Match. It might be great, it might also fail to hold the 10 ring, and you're paying a 30% premium to find out! Last time I batch tested I found a good batch I was happy with. But one batch tested at 21mm after 10 shots. Off the shelf you don't know if it's any good till you start shooting it. I've shot 590+ in training and had double-tons with Rifle Match. Not as often as I'd like perhaps, but in training you're rarely shooting for score and tier-2 ammo is usually "good enough" to tell you if you're achieving your training goals.
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    Hemmers reacted to jamesgutteridge in .22 Rifle Ammo Haul   
    Honestly mate, if you're planning on doing some proper training you're better picking an ammo your rifle likes and sticking with it rather than mixing and matching with different batches and brands.
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    Hemmers reacted to jonty in Rifle Stock   
    I will have it SRC.
    No idea what it is, no idea what you want for it, but I will pay, but no idea when you will get paid. But I will!
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    Hemmers got a reaction from Huey in Rifle Stock   
    May help to add some salient details such as:
    Precise or the older 2213 alu-stock?
    Round (19-) action or square (20-)?
    Accessories included? Photos? Price?
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    Hemmers reacted to neil in Member's "reputation"   
    As some of you may or may not have noticed, one of the newer features in the forum is the ability to promote/demote a user's reputation by click on the little green + or red - icons () at the bottom right hand corner of a post.
    I noticed that members in some groups were able to use the feature and others not. All shooting members should now be able to use this feature, if not then please let me know.