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  1. .22 Rifle Ammo Haul

    And it doesn't need to be a top-tier brand. I mean, if that money is burning a hole in your pocket or you're sponsored, then by all means get Tenex/R50/Midas+, but if you find a batch of Eley Match/RWS Rifle Match/Center-X that your rifle likes, that will serve far better and offer more consistency than shooting lots of odd-batch R50 and Tenex (and you'll have more budget left for kit/travel/comps/associated training expenses). The label is only based on their proofing barrels, which gives an indication to consistency but it's performance in your barrel that counts - to that end, I'm not convinced you're getting a lot of value buying off-the-shelf odds of Tenex compared with off-the-shelf Match. It might be great, it might also fail to hold the 10 ring, and you're paying a 30% premium to find out! Last time I batch tested I found a good batch I was happy with. But one batch tested at 21mm after 10 shots. Off the shelf you don't know if it's any good till you start shooting it. I've shot 590+ in training and had double-tons with Rifle Match. Not as often as I'd like perhaps, but in training you're rarely shooting for score and tier-2 ammo is usually "good enough" to tell you if you're achieving your training goals.
  2. Rifle Stock

    May help to add some salient details such as: Precise or the older 2213 alu-stock? Round (19-) action or square (20-)? Accessories included? Photos? Price?
  3. Cardiff Hotel

    I assume you've given Sport Wales a call - they have accommodation in the main building (and a decent breakfast!) for about £35/night. It does go really quickly though, so I suspect they'll be booked out for the weekend, if not with shooters then with other sports who are running training camps that weekend (I gather Hockey are notorious for pre-emptively booking out entire corridors of accommodation, before dropping half of it at the last minute when they realise they haven't got that many participants coming). Definitely try AirBNB, but also widen your search. I've commuted from Cardiff to Tondu (near Bridgend) in the mornings for shoots, and it's not been too bad - 25-30 minutes depending where you are in Bridgend, so whilst it's maybe a bit further than you want to go, you could do that in reverse.
  4. Wanted: Peli 1720

    Having never flown with firearms, will be doing it twice this year and need a baggage-handler-proof hard case! Would like to hear from anyone who perhaps doesn't fly anymore and has a 1720 knocking about that they're willing to part with! EDIT: Sorted
  5. Kriko

    Doubt it unless someone knows a dealer with some second hand stuff. Mags are expensive - even Ruger 10/22 rotary magazines are £20-30 and there's literally millions of them floating around, and being continuously mass-produced (i.e. low-per unit cost). By contrast I hadn't even heard of Krico till I went hunting just now, so presumably their production is an order of magnitude (or two!) lower and they don't seem to be big enough to justify/interest a UK distributor. They're €60-90 even in Germany, so by the time you factor in the cost of shipping from Germany and any paperwork (not sure how beaurocratic magazines are to ship - not a serialled, FAC part, but still the sort of thing liable to raise eyebrows at customs), then £80 unfortunately sounds about right. I know someone who had to pay £30 for a 10-shot CZ .17HMR mag and that's basically just .22wmr and readily available in the UK...
  6. Avatars Not Displaying

    No, the same has happened to me. Must be the forum because it was working fine earlier, and I've not done anything to my setup.
  7. Anschutz Butt-hook

    Need an butt-hook for an Anschutz 1913 because changing my current one for 3P is playing havoc with my prone scores! Doesn't have to be an Anschutz hook, just suitable for 3P. Any offers?
  8. Pistol Safe

    We'll take it! PM'd you.
  9. Pistol Safe

    Yeah, we could use an extra ammo cabinet at Southampton Uni, but we'd need to get it to, well, Soton...*looks wistful* Excellent price though.
  10. 3-p Rifle Rest

    I could use one as well if anyone has more than 1 going!
  11. Scope Mounts

    Southampton Uni has some shiny new scopes, but now we need some mounts to attach them to the poles. We need the metal-ring variety that have those rings you tighten up around the body of the scope. Any offers, or can anyone tell us where we can get some?
  12. Scope Mounts

    http://www.nsra.co.uk/Shop2/Shop_html/Stan...sories/img3.gif http://www.nsra.co.uk/Shop2/Shop_html/Stan...sories/img1.gif We're looking for the type of mounts shown with these stands. Randomly, we seem to have stands and poles, but a deficit of mounts.
  13. Scope Mounts

    Jubilee Clips themselves are not the issue. We need the metal bits the clips fit to. The bits that clamp to the poles. The ones we have are the same shade of green as our DJR Stands (I'd send photos but i've lost the USB lead for my camera, and NOONE elses seems to work! :glare: Need a card reader...). Did DJR do mounts as well? I heard he was ceasing production of his stands, for a while at least, anyone know about mounts?
  14. Wanted 2213/2313 Stock

    Title says it all really, a 2213 or 2313 Anschutz stock, ideally as a complete rifle, but if you only have a stock to offer I can cope with sourcing a barrel/action.
  15. Wanted 2213/2313 Stock

    Well Christmas has come around - I hope you all had a good one! - and I seem to be a little bit richer. Anyone had any new toys for Christmas and wanting to get rid of their old rifle/stock?
  16. New Skins

    I agree. Somewhere between the first and second would be good.
  17. I'm looking for a small (2, maybe 4 gun - whatever I can find that's cheap and legal!) cabinet with a top safe for ammo. I've found new ones in the £120-150 bracket but does anyone know of any used ones for a bit cheaper?
  18. Reasonably Priced Cabinet W/top Safe For Ammo

    I've found a used Boxx 3 gun cabinet, that's being sold as a package with a separate Boxx ammo cabinet. Does anyone know about this maker, any horror stories or are they decent quality? Ad states they're built to BS7558:1992, suitable for shotguns and section 1 firearms. Look in decent nick from the photos but then again, photos can be misleading.