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  1. Lots Of Club Rifles!

    lCan you please drop me an email or PM once you have a list of the rifles you will have available. Regards NEC
  2. Bsa Martini

    Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately I think the MKII might require to much work, the rifles are wanted for bench rest. Chris will dropped you a PM. Sjb do you have any idea how much the MkII is?? Regards Nec
  3. Bsa Martini

    Wanted BSA Martini international LH and RH I need three in total. Please email me at winpart@hotmail.co.uk Thank you
  4. Bsa Mk 1 - Looking For A Good Home

    I have sent you a message.
  5. Parker Hale Inserts

    Does he have any inserts?
  6. Parker Hale Inserts

    Does anyone have any inserts for a Parker Hale PH1 front sight (BSA Martini) laying around in their old bits/parts box as I only have the one and could do with a few more.
  7. Bsa Martini International Mk Ii For Sale

    If you still have it would be willing to give £30 inc post to RFD
  8. Junior .22 Target Rifle Wanted

    John, Email sent today.
  9. Junior .22 Target Rifle Wanted

    John, Will get some pictures and details to you.
  10. Junior .22 Target Rifle Wanted

    I have a BSA model 13 target rifle, if that is of any interest to you.
  11. As title am looking for a BSA Martini international MKIII or IV. Please contact me via P.M. or email. Thanks
  12. 12/15 Stock

    I am looking for a BSA Martini 12/15 stock set must be in good condition. Can anyone help? Thanks
  13. Bsa Mk Ii And Mk Iii Surplus

    Dave, Missed the others,so if these come up for sale might be interested. Please PM or email if you hear of anything. nec