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  1. The thinnest iris has a 1.2mm ring thickness and the thinnest high end glass element is 1.0mm (off the top of my head)


    There was a guy on ebay making custom sizes to order, not sure if he is still on there.


    I find 1.0mm leaves the ring very pale, amd I struggle with the contrast between the ring and the target. Everyone has different perception of course.

  2. I've decided to move on my lightly used Bleiker action (stock now sold, so action only)


    The action is approx five years old, but (embarrassingly) has shot only about 11k rounds.


    Has always tested well with Lapua and Eley. I should be able to find the last Eley test somewhere. The bolt is set for Lapua/RWS headspace, but Eley performs equally well in it. It has the switchable ejector fitted too.


    Standard length tube.


    Cleaned after use each and every time.


    I also have 4000x batch tested Tenex for the rifle, that I would be keen to sell with it.


    The action has one small issue that came to light when I swapped rearsights - the retaining pin in the barrel, which positions the front tube is 1.5mm off centre, which means the sight-line is off-centre by this amount. Using an Anschutz 7002 diopter over the years I hadn't noticed, as the windage adjustment compensated. Using a Spy rearsight (which has less windage adjustment than the 7002) I found I could run out of windage if the wind was blowing fiercely from one side (right to left from memory)


    Not critical, but I mention for completeness.


    To continue using the Spy rearsight, I simply used off-set sight blocks which solved the issue.


    For the action, I would like £1800 ovno, Tenex £700 ovno


    I will cover the cost of shipping to your local RFD too.


    New price on these actions is approaching £4000