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  1. Mec Centra Handstop

    This might be a new record! We need a Statto!
  2. Wtd: Scatt, Noptel

    I've spoken to 'Raven' on here; he has one, but would like to check with its co-owner if it's OK to move it on. He thinks it will be but needs to double-check. He's not known for doing anything very quickly so we might not have an answer instantly.
  3. Wtd: Scatt, Noptel

    A fellow shooter has one he wishes to sell on, he's on the forum so I'll phone him to wake hm up and see how much he wants for it.
  4. Walther Kk300 For Sale

    Not even close... http://forum.stirton.com/index.php/topic/3865-anschutz-1913-aluselected-barrel/page__p__35268__hl__selected__fromsearch__1#entry35268
  5. Anschutz Adjustable Butt Plate

    I'll have it.
  6. Wanted- 20 Series Stock-To-19 Series Adapter

    There a bloody expensive bit of kit new right enough. NSRA might have a second hand one even?
  7. Varga Shooting Frames For Sale

    That must be some sort of record!
  8. First Rifle - Found! Thanks To All

    Any of the retailers of target shooting equipment will always have stock of used rifles. That would be my first suggestion. Also worth looking in GunTrader, they get the odd target rifle there too.
  9. I'm Not Selling It But Have A Look At This

    No longer on ebay, what was it?
  10. Feinwerkbau 2602/2700

  11. Target Shooting Clothing

    Fellow club shooters are always a good place to start, they might have gear they have out-grown which is still is serviceable condition. A lot of clubs also have 'For Sale' noticeboards, so if you go to comps, have a look for these. Failing that there are always used jackets on ebay, and then there are a few retailers in the UK selling new equipment also.
  12. Rifle Stock Wanted

    I started a thread like this the other day, the first person who replied has a nice one. I bought the one offered by 'ksilver'
  13. Pretty much anything considered, as long as complete with buttplate. Need one in rather a hurry!
  14. Wooden Stock For Anschutz 54 Action - Anything Considered

    I don't mind the seller PMing you the cost.
  15. Wooden Stock For Anschutz 54 Action - Anything Considered

    What condition, and how much? I've already bought that one, sorry.
  16. Wooden Stock For Anschutz 54 Action - Anything Considered

    Sorted now many thanks.
  17. Wanted Butt Plate And Carrier

    To fit the one that was on eBay per chance? Looked at that myself!
  18. Wtd: Anschutz Dovetail Block

    Was about to post that I'd give you one but had a look and I've given them all away already! Someone must have a spare on here.
  19. New Site Logo

    Eh, more like an adapted version of his company logo! Maybe I should do a medal-type version, with an S instead of an E? Hi Mac, saved you the bother!
  20. New Site Logo

    Yeah, it just popped in my head, like a lightbulb moment lol Apologies, I think I'm a hoot when I'm dying with a hangover...
  21. New Site Logo

    You need for force refresh the page to see it, (CTRL+F5) Neil you should have held a competition, here's my effort
  22. Spotting Scope Ring - Camera Mount

    A Freeland saddle mount will also work www.championshooters.com (sorry Neil )
  23. Surely the seller has the right to turn down offers if he wants more? There is a fixed price on the thread, and no mention of 'willing to accept offers'.
  24. Spotting Scope Ring - Camera Mount

    No longer in production, the last supplier to have them in stock was the NSRA