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  1. Hps System Gemini Buttplate For Fwb

  2. Noptel Sport 2000

    Payment sent.
  3. Noptel Sport 2000

    Oh right, my PM must not have been fast enough? Maybe took a while crossing the channel?
  4. Noptel Sport 2000

    And I'am waiting also to see if I can arange pick up. Ark Thought I was first to send a PM to buy? Sent last night, just after you asked your question.
  5. Noptel Sport 2000

    I'm buying! Just waiting on the seller to reply to the PM I sent last night.
  6. Noptel Sport 2000

    PM sent, re: purchase.
  7. Hps System Gemini Buttplate For Fwb

    I have a blue FWB Baseplate if anyone has the rest?
  8. Anschutz 1813, Precise Stock And Accessories

    That is a fantastic price for someone!
  9. Final Sell Off

    PM sent for Thune mat!
  10. Wanted S/h Scatt Or Rika

    PM Raven on here, I think he has a SCATT looking for a new home.
  11. Hps System Gemini Buttplate

    The final item in my HPS cull... I have a lightly used current version of the buttplate, almost spotless. The hook has never been used nor has the attaching rods. The more savvy amongst you will notice its a combination of black and silver buttplates, strictly speaking the two partial vertical colums should be black for this to be considered a 'black' buttplate, as should the middle cantilever section on the top hook. I swapped these for silver for a reason that escapes me, it made sense at the time. However, its gonna be a bargain. With a new price of £365 these aren't cheap. I'm asking £260 to include RMSD. You can pay by Paypal, cheque/PO or bank transfer - NOW ON HOLD
  12. Hps Bipod, Grey, For Sale

    Continuing my HPS cull, I have a Gemini folding bipod for sale. Colour is grey, condition excellent. Working as it should. See hps-tr.com if you're not sure what it looks like. OHPF
  13. Hps Bipod, Grey, For Sale

    This still here?
  14. Hps Gemini Activ Handstop

    Lightly used, silver colour OHPF, thanks to Neil for the facility The plastic clamping lever has been shortened to stop it getting in the way whilst in use, still works as it should. There are spacers available, but not included. Sling attachment (push button type) included.
  15. Hps Gemini Activ Handstop

    Hi Geoff, Yes it will fit your rail. I'll PM my details
  16. I may regret this, but my 1913 is for sale. Anschutz 1913 right hand action. Was originally a selected action. The barrel was replaced about 6 months ago for a 21" Lilja barrel; the barrel supplier to Bleiker and Matt Emmons. (www.riflebarrels.com) The barrel was expertly chambered and fitted by Rob Nibbs at HPS at considerable cost. (www.hps-tr.com) As the 21" is the shorter (lighter) barrel the action will be suitable for juniors/ladies also. The lighter barrel has the advantage of excellent handling, with the centre of balance having a slight rear bias. Also included is a custom made MEC Strike tube, which is easily removed for transport and cleaning. With the tube fitted the overall barrel length is within 1cm of a standard Anschutz length, which was my intention. The barrel has shot about 2500 rounds, and so only getting 'shot in' now. The barrel is already grouping really well, and will only get better as the rounds go through it. An optional purchase with the action is a used Gemini stock (machined for 2013, so you'll need the adaptor) if you want a complete rifle which would be an envious set-up. Excellent condition, but no buttplate (easily available) Price as follows. Action + Strike tube - SOLD PENDING FUNDS Photos to follow
  17. As per the title, I have a silver 22mm Score tunnel to fit the newer type Anschutz dovetails. Perfect working order, a few marks on the dovetails from being taken off and re-fitted. Box not included as I can't find it. Includes the two pins in the sigfht picture used for levelling, can be removed if required. Details here http://www.centra-visier.de/abatoncms/ppf/sLiveLID/en/iProdID/48/productsPopup.html RRP £55, will accept £30 posted. Payment by cheque or Paypal
  18. Mec Centra Handstop

    This might be a new record! We need a Statto!
  19. Wtd: Scatt, Noptel

    I've spoken to 'Raven' on here; he has one, but would like to check with its co-owner if it's OK to move it on. He thinks it will be but needs to double-check. He's not known for doing anything very quickly so we might not have an answer instantly.
  20. Wtd: Scatt, Noptel

    A fellow shooter has one he wishes to sell on, he's on the forum so I'll phone him to wake hm up and see how much he wants for it.
  21. Walther Kk300 For Sale

    Not even close... http://forum.stirton.com/index.php/topic/3865-anschutz-1913-aluselected-barrel/page__p__35268__hl__selected__fromsearch__1#entry35268
  22. Anschutz Adjustable Butt Plate

    I'll have it.
  23. Wanted- 20 Series Stock-To-19 Series Adapter

    There a bloody expensive bit of kit new right enough. NSRA might have a second hand one even?