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  1. Sam Trainer Brand New - £200

  2. Sam Trainer Brand New - £200

  3. Sam Trainer Brand New - £200

    Updated, with working photos! As you can see from the last photo, you don't strictly need the plug adaptors either, so more money saved :-)
  4. Issf Wind Flag Ribbon

    That's hillarious. Have you found any green, white and gold fabric too? Believe it or not its the ONLY ribbon, in any colour, plain or striped, that was bang on ISSF spec for weight. Id have preferred plain yellow or some other luminous colour, but it wasn't available without going custom made. That said, it has been a cross-community production process, which should balance things out a little
  5. Issf Wind Flag Ribbon

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/170775174237?var=470067851033&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 The weight is correct - I've made the flags for Police & Fire Games using it.
  6. Anybody anything laying around, dust-coated? Preferably with the adjustable cheekpiece (simple or Supermatch type) Buttplate if possible, but will entertain without. Condition not overly important as I think its going to be refinished.
  7. Unique T2000 Or X Concept Butt Assembly

    I think Noah had one on the ark, might be worth dropping him an email - noah@stoneages.com
  8. Wanted - Anschutz Stock

    I have a shooting friend who would like to buy a stock to accept a 1913. He has very short arms so intends to chop lumps off the end. Therefore condition isn't very important. Anything out there?
  9. Wanted - Anschutz Stock

    Sorted, thanks to Squishy
  10. Wanted - Anschutz Stock

    There'd be no arm left lol
  11. Anschutz Cheek Piece For 2313 Stock On Long Rods/columns

    The forum rules say you must state a price.
  12. Please Help. Butt Part Wanted(New Update With Photo)

    I know for sure they are not available as spares from Anschutz, I've asked several times.
  13. Ge 600 Stock For Sale

    If I need something butchered I'll send it to HPS's new apprentice! ;-)
  14. For Sale: Anschutz 2013

    I've seen this rifle in the Lapua test rig, and it shot fantastically well over a range of batches. Bargain for someone.
  15. Anschutz Butt Plate Nut

    Sorry, checked but don't have one....
  16. Anschutz Butt Plate Nut

    Might have one, could you point me to it in the Anschutz exploded diagrams?
  17. Steyr Lp10 - Swap For An Lp50

    H Preston stamp ?
  18. Anything considered, this is for a Uni club so nothing crazy expensive
  19. Wanted: Left Hand Stock For Anschutz Round Action

    Now sorted.
  20. Wanted: Left Hand Stock For Anschutz Round Action

    Hi Sandy, PM'd you
  21. Scatt Or Rika

    I could list a hundred reasons for the disparity in prices between UK and EU, the most significant, in my opinion, are: 1) UK importers having margins which are, well, too much. 2) Shipping costs from EU to UK - some of this gear goes roadfreight which is very expensive. 3) Pricing differences set by the factory - not all countries buy at the same price. I could go on, but I do agree that there is still too much of a price difference. UK shooters were robbed for years, until recent times when things changed and goods became more directly accessible by retailers. Have a look at the price disparity 5 or 10 years ago and you'll see its narrowed significantly. As a retailer (or e-tailer) I'd prefer to be able to compete better with the Europeans, but it just isn't possible with the price we buy the stuff in at. The margins we work to are small, as I'm sure many on this board will know. If we were obtaining huge margins, I'd be typing this from Orlando, instead of Omagh :glare:
  22. Scatt Or Rika

    Any links? Cheapest I can find is EUR 1847 http://www.keuchen.de/product_info.php/products_id/1049?osCsid=292aaf932993aa62311a3843d62e3c89 http://www.euroshooting.eu/en/index.php?FWB_700_ALU_black_new&detail=2084 http://www.frankonia.de/Pressluftgewehr++700+Alu+-+Rot/Feinwerkbau/Ansicht.html?Artikelnummer=129592 http://www.schuetzenwelt.de/shop/1/waffen/1/luftgewehr/2557/fwb_p700_alu_rechts/ http://www.schiesssport-buinger.de/Luftgewehre/Feinwerkbau-Luftgewehre/Feinwerkbau-Luftgewehr-Modell-700-Aluschaft--1359.html Now don't get me wrong, I love a good retailer bashing, wholesalers being a particular favourite - if its warranted of course....
  23. Scatt Or Rika

    Like a previous poster asked, can you provide links to these SCATTs under EUR750? I just checked a few German sites and can't find any.
  24. Left Handed Ge600 Stock

    If Carlsberg did long shots...