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  1. For Sale: Bleiker Action With Tested Tenex

    Hi Dave, It has the new Black II cheekpiece, but it does not have the Equaliser system. I will also consider selling the stock without the buttplate, as I can transfer this to my new rifle.
  2. Top Grip

    Tim, PM me your address, I should have a small piece knocking about.
  3. New (Yes, New) Anschutz Screws For Old Anschutz Match 54

    All Anschutz dealers have access to the spares inventory.
  4. Anschutz 1813 Bedding Screws

    What length are the screws you need?
  5. Anschutz 5071 Trigger - Please Please Please!

    Chris, its worth keeping an eye on egun.de they pop up on there from time to time. Price should be in budget, shipping no more than 17 euros.
  6. Issf Decimal Gauge

    A bona fide bargain, in any man's language.
  7. Due to another prone shooter at my club going over to the dark art of BR, I have been asked to list the following for sale. All sold/withdrawn for now.
  8. Prone Equipment Clear-Out - Bargains Within

    Chris, I have sent you a PM.
  9. Fire Sale: Lots Of Prone Gear!

    I have been asked my a club member to liquidate all his prone gear. All of this equipment is less than a year old (except the Hammerli sights, which he bought second hand), and all in good used condition and working order. The majority of the gear has only been used a few times. Please see the photos below. All prices include shipping to the UK, payment is by bank transfer/cheque or Paypal (Paypal payment sent as Gift please, to avoid fees) I will be handing all the payments and shipping on his behalf. There are items in the photos that are already sold - only the items listed below remain for sale Kustermann Boots, size 43, mint, complete with shoe trees. Worn literally twice, modified for new ISSF rules £70 Kurt Thune Mat, Mint (not in photo) - £120 TEC-HRO System 2.0 Blocks £45 Anschutz Receiver Spirit Level £60 Thune Glove XL £25 ahg Anschutz Airmax Glove XL £15 Centra High End Elements - £10 each (4.4/1.4/22, 4.5/1.4/22, 4.6/1.2/22) Hitex EvoTOP jacket, made to measure, £375 Chest, 124cm Waist, 126cm Length of back, 72cm Out sleeve, 71cm
  10. Fire Sale: Lots Of Prone Gear!

    Sling is gone, glove is XL - postage is free. Bipod is sold
  11. Looking For An Anschutz 1813/1913/2013

    Right handed - stock not important, in fact barrelled action only would be preferred, but I'll take what I can get. I intend to re-barrel it, so number of rounds isn't a concern, as long as the action and trigger are functioning properly.
  12. Looking For An Anschutz 1813/1913/2013

    Think I'm sorted Michelle, but it would have been ideal actually. If this one falls through I'll come knocking.
  13. Fire Sale: Lots Of Prone Gear!

    Added a pair of boots!
  14. Fire Sale: Lots Of Prone Gear!

    Yes it will. PM me with your details etc.
  15. Fire Sale: Lots Of Prone Gear!

  16. Fire Sale: Lots Of Prone Gear!

    Good spot - these items added to the list TEC-HRO System 2.0 Blocks £45 Anschutz Receiver Spirit Level £70
  17. System Gemini, Folding Bipod

    RRP on these ~£80, this one is silver, lightly used and working perfectly. £45 inc postage within the UK
  18. System Gemini, Folding Bipod

    Now sold
  19. System Gemini, Folding Bipod

    Still available.
  20. I think I bought this as part of a mad cap idea to make my own cheek piece for my Gemini stock. In perfect working order, you just need to add the wood, available from Messr Nibbs, or make your own. This was likely expensive, but I don't really have a clue what I paid. £50 anyone?
  21. System Gemini Fr703 Cheek Piece Mechanism

    Now sold.
  22. System Gemini Fr703 Cheek Piece Mechanism

    Hi Rob, Emailed you.
  23. System Gemini, Folding Bipod

    It's the standard version, PayPal is ok. Send me a private message to discuss
  24. Rear Sighs

    Welcome to the forum. I'm sure someone will be able to point you in the right direction.
  25. Sam Trainer Brand New - £200

    I have been given this trainer and told to move it on, in order to raise funds for my County Ass. It is BRAND NEW, and has been sitting in someone's study for several years. It connects via a parallel printer port, so you'll need one of those, and the software only works with Windows XP The plugs are European so you'll need 2x adaptors too. I have the correct software on file. The instructions are in English. I have plugged it in and it is working perfectly! See the new photos below. Where else can you get a brand new electronic trainer, working perfectly for £200 ono? Even if you don't have a PC with a parallel port/XP, they're on eBay for about £60! Postage within the UK included in the price.