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  1. 10m Air Rifle & Pistol Needed

    Thanks for everyone's help .... a successful purchase has been made. All replies and responses were very much appreciated. Many thanks too Iain for your offer.
  2. 10m Air Rifle & Pistol Needed

    A 20 year old student in Edinburgh is desperately looking for a match air pistol and rifle for the 10m discipline (not co2). This person is not new to shooting, but needing to upgrade equipment to develop skills to maximise potential. Happy to hear from anyone, and happy to travel.
  3. Air Rifle & Pistol Wanted

    An Edinburgh based university student is looking for a 10 metre air rifle and pistol to develop their interest. Is anyone selling any kit? Happy to hear from anyone anywhere, thanks.
  4. Air Pistol Needed

    Greetings earthlings ..... I'm looking for a second hand air pistol .... been using a Röhm for different disciplines, but need something with a lighter trigger for 10 meters. Anyone selling one? ... anyone? ... there must be someone, who knows, someone, who might know someone ... perhaps. Please email me. Thanks.