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  1. Good 3p Rifle Required.

    Having been shooting prone .22 for (quite) a few years with my trusty 1907. I would now like to upgrade and move on to do some 3P. I'm looking for a good 3P rifle. Eg 2013 or similar. Not too fussy about aluminium or wood stock. Will be selling 1907 after my upgrade. TIA
  2. Good 3p Rifle Required.

    Thanks for the advice but I think I would also like the heavier/longer barrel. I have used an old 1413(?) and much preferred the extra weight, some of which is also in the stock as well. Having looked on the Anschutz website it looks like most of the extra weight is in the stock. What do you guys think that that extra 3cm of barrel gives you? I feel that I have outgrown my 1907, which I bought from new as a junior but will now consider just a stock upgrade.