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  1. I see you have three items on this site for sale and so far none have sold, now as you seem intuitive doesn't this tell you that saying ' no scammers' is not helping you to sell

    Then again prehaps it's your way of not being scammed, as if you don't sell you can't be scammed

    Again, good luck with your sales

  2. I'm using a Kowa 660 angled with a 20x40 zoom. The optics are first class, as you'd expect for the money.Mine was £400 a few years ago and the prices seem to have skyrocketed lately.

    I never use the zoom on x40 as the field of view is too narrow, bright and clear but you will have to have your eye right on the eyepiece, fine at just under x30 for 100yrd, so long as you have a twiddly thing for dropping the scope down to the other targets as you shoot.

    I don't know if you can get the 20x40 zoom now, seems to be 20x60 which unless it's a wide angle one would be worse I would think.

    The x20 is ok for indoor 25rds but again could do with a WA.

    I would if I was buying again probably go with a WA x25 fixed, if you can get them, although the zoom is handy at times.

    Field of view/long eye relief is what you need for shooting use, so try as many as you can I would suggest.


    As the price is in Australian dollars I think that may be a give away ;)

    I thought some bright spark might say that, but just because the price is in AUD does not mean the article is also there, nor even that is the currency of the transaction.


    I carefully selected the term "confirm", which should have alluded to the reader that I know there is an assumption I could make about the location of the item but that I chose not to make that assumption - after all we all know what assumption is the mother of. Do you assume the bullet will go in the middle? I don't :P:P


    I never assume, as there's only one ass in assuming things :P