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  1. Feinwerbau Foresight

    Feinwerkbau Air rifle 22mm foresight tunnel with matching rear 8mm sight raiser block £55 including postage to mainland uk
  2. Champion Frames - Lens Holder

    Try Bedford Target Supplies http://www.bedstargetsupplies.co.uk/glasses-access-c-37_79.html Colin
  3. Starting 3P

    I have a Anschutz adjustable palm shelf for sale,like the one on Edinkillie site £80 + postage. Colin
  4. Retirement Sale - Amended List

    As Neil's info, he was active on the 16/8/10.
  5. 1913 In A New Precise Stock

    Bargain I would say, almost makes me wish I was left handed. Colin
  6. I'm Not Selling It But Have A Look At This

    The front half of a Anschutz ally' stock, the rear butt plate/cheek piece area was missing, presumably broken off,where they do and can break, looked like it had been ground down smooth to look like that's the way it was supposed to be. Colin
  7. Walther Weights

    Has anyone got any Walther weights part number 2649063. They fit on the dovetail the foresight gos on, for a Walther lg300 air rifle. Thanks Colin
  8. Walther Weights

    Thanks Batty, will give them a call, Colin
  9. Walther Weights

    yes used them on my Fein, but would like the ones that you can alter back/forward on the dovetail.Did look at the ones that attach to the barrel, but was quoted £45 each by the nsra, then aked if they were hallmarked for that price. thanks Colin
  10. Feinwerkbau 2602/2700

    Hi John, I know someone who wants to sell his alloy' stocked Walther, and will be at the L@M Meeting if your going ? it's a Wallther KK match in a kk200 stock. Colin
  11. Selling Up

    You have PM,regarding butt hook, thanks Colin
  12. Wanted Butt Plate And Carrier

    Hows that for service Colin
  13. Nsra Vouchers

    If you do get the gift vouchers just be careful with the time span before you use them as I think they are date stamped, and I think it's only a year. If these are the same ones they sent out to me in 2007 for winning some competition.I could be wrong but best to check with the NSRA. Colin
  14. Thank you for that Walter, I hoped to see him at the Leeds shoot yesterday, but missed him I think. As for 0.046", I did a google search and found the old Border Barrels page detailing how to do it, and they recommended 0.046, but I bow to yoiur greater knowledge and will try for a 0.043". It just seems the type of tool the ordinary man would maybe use once or twice, and then locate safely at the bottom of a tool box for use in the next decade. John On this site, Border recommended 0.042 http://njshooting.tripod.com/FITTING%20A%20.22%20RIMFIRE%20BARREL.htm Colin
  15. Clear Out Of Bits (price Dropped)

    pm sent, Colin
  16. Wanted- Fwb 2700 Or Anschutz Equivalent (1913)

    wooden rifle barrel Colin
  17. Wanted - Action Screws For Anschutz Match 54

    http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/socket-cap-bolt-p-646.html ://http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalo...olt-p-646.html try here, Colin
  18. Anschutz Rear Sight

    you have a pm, Colin
  19. Wanted: Variable Forsight Iris M22

    it's a personal choice, what works for one may not for another.I use a variable one and find the thicker ring better, I can center the target better than with the thinner High end ones. Is anyone at your club using one that you could try, also what are you using at the moment, plastic or the metal foresight rings. Colin
  20. Avatars Not Displaying

    I'll go with David on this one the animated ones are a pain. Colin
  21. Bsa Mk 1 - Looking For A Good Home

    don't destroy it, these are sought after in America. Colin
  22. Anschutz 2002 Air Rifle

    is it the alloy stock one Graham. thanks colin
  23. System Gemini Fr703

    what action is it for, anschutz 19/20 series, feinwerkbau, walther ? thanks colin
  24. Fwb 2602 For Sale

    you have a pm thanks colin