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  1. Anschutz Shooting Jacket

    Photo of the jacket might help with a sale
  2. Trolley For Bisley Or Wherever Its To Be Held

    Well that's very misleading on the NSRA part then, what about people who have to book holidays well in advance, or a booking nra accommodation again in advance
  3. Assorted Used Bits For Sale

    Thanks for the photo Jim, unfortunately not the bit I'm after
  4. Assorted Used Bits For Sale

    pm sent Anschutz butt hook bit
  5. Mec Ge 600

    Did see this the other day, surprised it's still there.
  6. Wanted - Fwb 603 10M Target Air Rifle

    You'll be very lucky to get a good one, they seem to get snapped up very quickly when they appear. Bell target leagues around here like them
  7. Walther Sight

    Robin, your best bet might be to contact Christian and get him to bring one with him to Bisley. Colin
  8. No Longer Looking

    Or cut a new thread and use a bigger hex bolt
  9. Mec Anti Pulse Sling

    Heard of them falling apart more than breaking apart, just make sure you check the fixing nuts/bolts are tight on a regular basis
  10. Wanted Anshutsz Rear Sight

    At least they put sights with the Rifle, Walther the same,
  11. Wanted Anshutsz Rear Sight

    Really don't get Anschutz marketing, they don't sell rifles with sights as people may want to put a different sight on, Anschutz reply to question as why at Bisley, now there's little demand for LH sights so we will only sell them in sets with the foresight. That will be the set that should have come with the rifle in the first place then
  12. Scope And Stand

    They don't focus all that well either, well the ones we had didn't, you must a a good one if your using it at 1000yrds
  13. New Forum Lay Out

    Not a bad thing, can be really anoying some of these moving avatars.
  14. Styer Lp50E

    Bought this on the spur of the moment thinking of doing pistol, but as the 10m range I used to use has closed I'm selling and concentrating on prone rifle. The cylinders are dated 02/2010 £1050 edit realized that the charging adapter is still on the fill bottle so is not shown in the case cut-out
  15. Styer Lp50E

  16. Styer Lp50E

    Ted, have sent you a PM
  17. Bits And Pieces For Sale

    A new ones cheaper at £8.50
  18. Rh 20 Series Anschutz

    Looks like Dave P missed out again
  19. 20 Series Action Wanted.

    Common Dave,don't keep us in the dark, what's the plan then
  20. Ahg-Anschutz Stenvaag Strong Boots

    Don't know how to tell you this Rossi but a well known internet shooting site have new ones for £135
  21. Champion 'olympic' Frames

    Frames arrived as per Rob's description, immaculate.Colin
  22. Steyr Lp50E

    PM sent
  23. Anschutz Buttplate

    Anschutz 4759 air rifle butt plate for sale £70 including postage to mainland uk
  24. Anschutz Buttplate