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  1. Parker Hale Quick Loader

    Thanks JC, I did see a few for sale some days ago on fleabay, but they were all for Internationals. Quite a varied selection too. Cheers. Steve
  2. Parker Hale Quick Loader

    Thanks for your help Mat, its much appreciated. I hope it wont spoil your rifle though. Regards. Steve
  3. Parker Hale Quick Loader

    I would like to hear from anyone with a Parker Hale QL available for purchase please. I have recently purchased a 1961? BSA Century Match .22lr, that is fitted with a single shot load platform, and i'd like to furnish the rifle with the correct period (1955-61) kit. I have seen two different types of aluminium quick loader, but would like one with 10 rounds in a single row rather than the double row type. Please let me know if you have one to sell. My rifle has at some time been fitted with one of the single row variety but the two holes for mounting the item have been plugged. BSA only made 3109 of these rifles during the six year production period, mine being 3072, so I think it deserves to have all the bells and whistles I can find. I know its old, but it shoots very well, and i'm looking forward to entering some HARC postal competitions next winter. Regards from a happy BSA anorak with hand knitted mittens on elastic. Steve
  4. Wanted - Gun Cabinets

    Robs right, your price range should get you a new one. Take a look at Carp Trading on the net for Brattonsound cabinets, as their prices are pretty good, but they do take quite a long time over delivery, but they are despatched straight from the factory. G&C Engineering in Pershore, Worcs, do a neat 4/5 rifle cabinet without internal safe for just under £110 inc next day delivery. I have one myself and my dad had one delivered yesterday. Hope this is not considered advertizing. Target sports did a good article recently on the main players. Steve
  5. Parker Hale Filament Holder.

    Managed to locate one through ebay, thanks to all who contacted me with help. If anyone needs one, there is another on at the mo under Parker Hale. Regards. Steve
  6. Parker Hale Filament Holder.

    I am looking for a Parker Hale foresight filament holder as fitted to many 'old school' target rifles. Its the knurled, 2 piece item frequently seen on BSA Internationals and other rifles fitted with PH sighting equipment. I would like to hear from anyone with one for sale. Thanks. Steve Martin
  7. Bsa Century Match

    Hi Rutty. Thanks for the info and positive comments about the Century. I have recently put in my application for my FAC so am champing at the bit to get the Bezza that is being held for me by a dealer on N/hants. My club probation period was very enjoyable using the club CZ .22LR and Remington .223, but it will be nice to have my own rifle to use, elderly though it is. I've held a shotgun certificate since 1982, so I hope that the process won't take too long. I'd best not hog the loot section with my ramblings, so hope to catch you on the ice. Regards. Steve.
  8. Bsa Century Match

    Hi. I have read a fair bit about this particular rifle on the net, and have been informed that the Century had a foot in both camps, so to speak. It could be used with a mag for sporting, and changed for single shot mode for competitions within seconds. It made a good club/beginers gun, and was supplied when new with both the single loading platform and a 5 shot magazine. Weight is approx 8lb and although fitted with a very accurate barrel and Parker Hale PH17 rear sight plus PH tube/filament foresight, it was a little on the light side and rather small too, albeit 44 ins long. They are out-classed against the Martini Internationals and other rifles shooting in the HARC Post Veteran Class even though it is of post 1946 design. It is allowed to compete with other BSA 12/15 and 15 type rifles in the Veteran class due to its falling between classes. I am still going to give it a go and have some fun getting what I can out of my £35 worth. It is my first rifle after all. I still fancy a mag for it too, just to have the choice. Have a look at www.rifleman.org.uk as this site has a wealth of info about Brit rimfire rifles including the BSA range. I found it most interesting for detailed photographs and advertizing information of the period. Regards. Steve.
  9. Bsa Century Match

    Hi all. I have recently purchased a BSA Century Match .22LR as my first rimfire, and would appreciate some help in locating a 5 shot magazine for it, as at present it is fitted with a single shot loading platform. It uses the same mag as those fitted to the BSA Supersport 5, as they also use the same action. I have purchased a magazine made in Kevlar, but would prefer an original item if anyone has one lurking at home. Thanks, and all the best for the new year. Steve Martin