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  1. 1. TEC-HRO Cheekpiece £90 SOLD with micro height adjustment, micro lateral adjustment plus forwards/back. It has an extended vertical face for greater cheek contact with new, tactile felt covering. Right handed. Boxed with tools. Definitely fits FWB. Should fit most others except Anschutz Precise, Walther Anatomic and Grunig & Elmer 2. Centra Foresight Iris 'Vario' £55 SOLD 2.5 - 5.0 x 2.0. M22. Adjustable foresight with selectable cross-hair or horizontal bar Boxed with tools 3. Gehmann Glove 468 £25 Full fingered glove in grey/black. Medium size. Fits left hand (for right handed shooter) All prices include P&P to mainland UK.
  2. Mec Trigger

    MEC trigger to fit Anschutz rifle for sale. £35 and it's yours - and for that I'll include postage within the UK. NOW SOLD
  3. Mouche Bodywarm

    Mouche Bodywarm for sale. Size 34. Never worn (it's a long story, you really don't want to know etc. etc. etc.) Currently selling for £129 even on Edinkillie's competitively priced site (plug). Will accept £60 including postage and packaging to any UK address.
  4. Mouche Bodywarm

    I think it is a 34 inch chest size. The digits 34 are hand written on the label. I tried it on - I'm a 36" chest - and whilst I could get it on, the sleeves were a little tight and I couldn't do up the zip. Hope that helps.
  5. Promoting The Forum

    Neil, I've got some very useful help from the forums, particularly the recent one on 3P. There was a lot in there to help me with standing air rifle. Thanks to everyone who contributed. If you want to promote the forum, which I think is a great idea, then I'd be happy to take a flier down to our club to put on the board. Just needs someone with more artistic talent than me to put one together and post it for us to copy off. Any volunteers? I'll also happily e-mail the site details on to some of the juniors we know.
  6. Butt Plate For Gemini Stock

    I'm looking for a buttplate for a Gemini stock. Colour not too important.