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  1. Walther Lg300xt Alutec

    The rifle is now sold subject to payment.
  2. Walther Lg300xt Alutec

    Unfortunately for me I am having to give up the world of Target shooting for health reasons, but for someone out there they can be the proud new owner of this rifle. It is approximately 18 months old and has had roughly 1600 pellets through it. As you can see it is in very good condition and I have all of the original items that came with the rifle and have tried to keep them all in very good condition as well. A technical specification can be found HERE Multiple images can be found HERE I will accept offers in the region of £700. I also have a number of items on ebay: Rear Iris Sight Risers Shooting frames There is also a pair of Anschutz trousers and a jacket that match the glove in size 52 which will be on ebay in a day or so.
  3. PM sent demonloop.
  4. Gehmann Iris

    PM for you Bernard
  5. Book

    Looking for a copy of "Ways of the Rifle"....anyone have one lying around that they don't want anymore?
  6. Fwb 601 For Sale

    oof, now it's getting serious
  7. 2013 For Sale

    Do you have any images of it as well?
  8. Wanted: .177 Rifle

    lol thanks, but I think I'll pass on that
  9. Wanted: .177 Rifle

    Managed to increase my budget so I'm not limited to just this model/make
  10. Wanted: .177 Rifle

    I've just started out and am looking for a right handed .177 rifle. I have been shooting a Feinwerkbau 600 at my club and find suits my style so something simular to this would be a bonus.