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  1. Armadillo 4760 Butt Hook And Plate

    I know everyone says this, but check out ebay. They do come up for usually around the £200 mark. Jonty
  2. I am looking for an Anschutz 1813 or 1913 stock for a project. If you have one or know someone who has, please send me a P.M. Thank You Jonty
  3. Kurt Thune Jacket Size 40

    Have you bought it Squishy. 'Suits you Sir'. Jonty
  4. Butt Plate

    You are, again, correct Tim. Jonty
  5. Butt Plate

    Both the earlier solid hook and the later 'Armadillo hook' have the ability to move from side to side on the larger bolt that goes up from the bottom of the hook into the buttplate. Its the later 'Aramadillo' type buttplate (4760) that is able to swing from side to side on the vertical rod. The earlier buttplates do not have one of these rods. Maybe TCat001 can clarify! Jonty
  6. Wanted Good Super Match Stock For Anschutz 1907

    Keep watching eBay. A 1813 a couple of weeks ago with half a buttplate only fetched £140, but then last week a 1913 stock again with half a buttplate (no hook) fetched over £500, yes £500. You could get a full rifle for that. Jonty
  7. Wanted Anschutz 2013

    We are looking to purchase an Anschutz 2013 barrel and action, but will consider a complete rifle. If you have one, or know someone who has that they want to sell, please send me a P.M. Thank You Jonty
  8. Wanted Anschutz 2013

    Hi, mrbenhunt, Thanks for that. It would have to be at the other end of the world though, wouldn't it! Why couldn't it have been in Cleckheaton, Jonty
  9. I have for sale an Opticron alloy scope stand in black. It comes with an extention bar as seen in the photo. It also comes complete with a swivel head attachment. Condition is good with a few rub marks from use and being in the kit bag. £50 to include shipping. Any questions, please send me a P.M.
  10. On its way. Thank You. Jonty
  11. Barry Nesom Turnover Foresight - Now Sold!

    Ive just looked at mine which has a longer tube, but mine does not have any stampings on it anywhere! Im not sure I understand what a 'sight radius' is? Jonty
  12. Fyi Spotting Scopes

    Thats a great 'Heads Up' Squishy. There is a generator for £60! workboots, £15. Now I always say, 'Buy cheap, buy twice' but, well, at them prices you really can afford to buy twice if need be. Not sure about the broken screw/bolt removers though. They are an absolute pig to extracate, and really do need some high end products to use satisfactorily. I bought a cheap set of taps and dies on ebay the other week, and, well you get what you pay for. OK for cleaning threads up, not very good for tapping a hole etc. Im waiting for the bus to take me to the nearest Aldi shop, but I can't get across the road for all these damn Tour De wotsit cyclist's. Might go to the Beer festival instead. Jonty
  13. Have you thought about also advertising it on Gunstar? It is not expensive to do and very effective. Jonty
  14. Fyi Spotting Scopes

    As the saying goes in the building trade, buy cheap, buy twice. Having said that, I bought some SDS masonary drill bits from Lidle in 2003 and they still in use!. But I would give the scopes a miss personally. Jonty
  15. Price Estimate For Gun Please

    In reply to Squishy, if you add up the individual prices of the items you will be way over £500. A couple of weeks ago a couple of 18 series stocks with the old large curved hook fetched nearly £400 each on 'the bay'. Start sticking handstops, bipods, sights, irises et al , oh and stick a nice barrel and action on there too, and look where you end up. I think this is why not many nice rifles come up for sale now, they've been broken into their component parts and sold that way. Shame really, because someone wanting a full setup would have to pay a lot of money. A quick look on Target Talk shows you what Americans ask and get for stocks. I think they must secretly cry when they see our prices, so they are eager to buy from the UK. Jonty
  16. Everything Must Go!

    Hi James, I would like to express my interest in the MEC handstop(s) and the Gemini Butplate(s), may also be interested in the MEC sling. Can you send me some prices please. Thanks John
  17. I hope someone can help me. I am looking for a raiser rod/bar from an Anschutz 4760/4765 buttplate. Its the part the buttplate slides up and down and can rotate on. I have attached a photo of my friends which has had the lugs filed off. if you have on in your bits bag or know someone who has, please send me a P.M Condition is un important. Thank You
  18. Nuts!

    The good book sayeth, 'Man cannot live by bread alone, he needs his nuts'. When someone states, 'His life is hanging by a thread' I would ask, 'M5 or 2BA?' When I was studying engineering at Cambridge, I always knew my learnings would become of use. When I say Cambridge, Cambridge Street, Batley actually, Dewsbury and Batley Technical and Art College, but on a clear day you could see Cleckheaton. Jonty
  19. Nuts!

    Whilst re-assembling my buttplate after checking the nuts, I thought, 'Will they want to know the size of the bolts, Nah'. Well Ive just had it in bits again and the bolts on both the Gemini and the Anschutz are M5. Can I put it away now please! Thanks Jonty
  20. I have an Anschutz Fore-end weight system for sale. Fits any standard Anschutz accessory rail. The weights are detachable and can also be slid along the rod for accurate weight distribution. Condition is good. Please send me a P.M if you have any questions.
  21. Nuts!

    Nuts! The flange on the Gemini ones are 10mm the flange on the Anschutz are 9mm. I have tried a Gemini one on an Anschutz carrier and it fits perfectly well. So the answer is, Yes, they do fit. Jonty
  22. Bipod For Bsa Martini Int Mkll

    That's fair comment Mark, and I think on a BSA where it would more than likely also sit on the bottom of the ejector lever, it wouldn't do that any good and could be prone (get it, prone) to falling over more easily. However, on my rifle if I didn't use a bipod and laid it on the right hand side, the lovely knob on the bolt would be in contact with the mat, earth, concrete, whatever, or if I laid it on the left side my blinder would be doing the same. I have never had any issues with instability on a bipod even when on my mat on soft ground. As I believe they would say on Facebroke, 'Likes'. Jonty
  23. Bipod For Bsa Martini Int Mkll

    No, its not captive, it will unscrew. I don't understand what you are referring to about sling swivels though? Jonty
  24. Bipod For Bsa Martini Int Mkll

    York museum might have one. Didn't someone say that these rifles don't have an accessory rail? If that's the case and the club doesn't mind you doing it, you could remove the tightening bolt from a standard bipod and affix it to the stock via a screw or something similar. Sounds a bit barbaric, but should do the job. J
  25. Wot's "pm Me" Mean

    When you come onto the Forum, check the top right of the page, and if you have P.M's waiting there will be a little red flag over the top of the envelope icon. It seems some people don't look out for this notification. Jonty