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  1. Gemini Butt Plate

    If you removed the black vertical bar from the buttplate, you should be able to bolt the buttplate to an Anschutz carrier! Having said that I have not had the opportunity to check the hole centres on the relevant parts. If they do not align, then that would be a big problem. Jonty
  2. Supermatch Or Xx11 Prone Rifle Found

    C'mon Tim g, put us out of our misery, what have you invested into. Jonty
  3. Supermatch Or Xx11 Prone Rifle Found

    Cheers for the pointers Tim. I'll happily extend the search to include xx11 rifles too. If only I could find a way to edit the thread's topic line! T To change your header, In your ad, click on 'edit' then 'full editor' and then you can change the header. As for the ammo, Edge is about £112 per 1,000 (With a bit of discount for 1k) so thats £56 per 500, then £5.60 for a box of 50. Sounds good to me for a nights shooting. Ensure on your Firearm cert application you have authority to possess max 1500 and to purchase max 1,000. At the least. I know FEO try to get you to have less, but as an avid shooter who is attending many shoots, that is a reasonable amount to have. You shouldnt have to spend all your time travelling to buy ammo from your nearest gun dealer who has the type of ammo you require, especially if the dealer is some distance away and difficult to get to. I hope my comments may help. Jonty
  4. Supermatch Or Xx11 Prone Rifle Found

    I am intrigued about your reference for better ammo! What do you use now and what would you like to use. What disciplines do you intend to use it for and at what distances. There have been discussions on here of late about Eley Edge. Now that won't break the bank. It may be that you may buy expensive ammo that will not give you any advantage. Do I take it you are quite tall Tim, hence the decision to try to get a more adjustable stock. Jonty
  5. Yeah, Ive looked, theres nothing there that takes my eye. Jonty
  6. Anschutz Smallbore Target Rifle For Sale

    I think you did the perfectly correct thing in asking on the Forum about your rifle. Its one of the reasons its here. You even found at that the stock and to some extent the barrel and action are of later models than you thought they were. Great. Jonty
  7. Anschutz Smallbore Target Rifle For Sale

    I agree with Tim, the seller said he thought the stock was an 18 series, but after discussion it was identified as the more modern and more saleable 19 series. As Huey says, there's something going on here we are not being told about! As they saying goes, 'Either put up or shut up'. Jonty
  8. Cheek Piece

    I have a template for one drawn on paper. If your, or someone elses skills permit, I would try and make one from a piece of plastic which could be heated and bent/formed so it would look like the ones fitted to the G&E XRS stock. The ones fitted to the 2013 are plywood or laminate which are formed and machined. very difficult to copy, and very expensive to buy. They have a tendency to crack across where it is angled. A bit like the stock! Take care. Jonty
  9. Anschutz Smallbore Target Rifle For Sale

    Thanks for that Ark. I wont pursue one any further in that case. Tim, I acknowledge your greater knowledge, and accept that it swept up not back. I couldnt be sure, as I couldnt see it on the other side of the rifle when I shot it! Jonts
  10. Anschutz Smallbore Target Rifle For Sale

    olnmfc, It was the trigger unit Tim referred to, the part that is bolted to the action with the two small bolts, not the trigger guard. Tim, By swept back, I meant curved. I had a 2602 and a 2700 and they were both curved. Jonty
  11. Anschutz Smallbore Target Rifle For Sale

    B*gger, I remember now why I stopped gambling. Well done Tim (again). I didnt realise what Ark Fitz mentioned, that you can/could get the swept back handles to replace the ones on the 14 series. Has anyone got one for sale? Having said that, have things come full circle, as the Bleiker and i think the new FWB have straight handles. Jonty
  12. Anschutz Smallbore Target Rifle For Sale

    olnmfc, Could you please let us know what the stampings on top of the barrel are, we await with baited breath. (My money is it being an 1813) Jonty
  13. Anschutz Smallbore Target Rifle For Sale

    With the bolt having a swept back handle and removable knob, is it not an 18 series? Jonty
  14. Anschutz Smallbore Target Rifle For Sale

    Tim S, With the stock having slots on the foreend, is this a 19 series? Jonty
  15. Butt Plate Wanted

    Yes, but remember the £170 is just for the buttplate, you will need the vertical rod and mounting plate which are a further £55. I agree with your suggestion that the 4765 is better than the 4760, in my humble opinion anyway. Jonty
  16. Parts For Anschutz Match 54 Bolt

    Tut, Silly me, I will sit on the naughty step for an hour. (When Ive moved the boxes off it) Jonts
  17. Parts For Anschutz Match 54 Bolt

    Is that good 'Independant Financial Advice'? I thought the best advice was only borrow what you can afford, bearing in mind the interest rate is going up sooner or later. But we have or are coming out of recession, so we may have an extra pound a week in our pockets. Hmmmm I might be able to afford Eley Club again, bring it on. As an aside, I bought a bungalow in 2008, right at the top of the house prices just before the crash. I sold it last week, and its the first house I have ever sold at a loss. We had spent thousands on it, extention, Italian kitchen, re wire, re plumb you name it. All went as a loss, and we got just under the asking price too. Still, we are now the happy occupants of a hovel. Jonty
  18. Centra 22Mm Cantable Duo Glass-Sold-

    BUMP. Still for sale. Any questions, please ask. Thanks Jonty
  19. Wanted - Full Bore Target Rifle

    Bad news, he's sold everything. I think he sold it all to a dealer so his mate informs me. Jonty
  20. Wanted - Full Bore Target Rifle

    What caliber and type are you looking for, There is a guy at our small bore club, who last year bought a new 'carbine type' smallbore and a fullbore rifle and then packed it all in! Would that be too new for you. I will contact him to find out its make and caliber. Regards Jonty
  21. Front Iris - Adjustable.

    Have you checked out my Duo Glass in the FOR SALE ads. Thanks Jonty
  22. For Sale: Mec/centra Duplex

    No flies on you Huey eh. Im surprised Poirrot doesn't ask you for clues! Regards Jonty
  23. Anschutz 1813 Bedding Screws

    Don't the 18 series bolts have a number of compression washers fitted to them? These are there for a specific purpose. I don't think 'quid each posted' would meet the required criteria when people are talking about SCATTS and numerous other ways to improve their shots. Might be okay if you spend your nights shooting at tin cans'. Jonty
  24. Anschutz 5018 Trigger

    Tim, I am sure a second hand unit will come up, it would be a lot cheaper than £290! Could you append a photo of the damaged part, someone may have what you require. Also, try Target Talk! Jonty
  25. Anschutz 5018 Trigger

    Booo Hisss. Mr Squish, are you in practice for the Uni Panto. Are you being the villain, Dick Dastardly or something. Poor Tim got his hopes up only to be dashed. You could have bought a Foresight with the money you got for the trigger! Im sure there will be some hero coming to Tim's rescue. Muttley, get down. Jonty