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  1. Mec Screws

    They are called 'Countersunk bolts/screws'. You will need the thread diameter which will be in millimetres and the overall length including the head and the length of the thread alone. Do NOT overtighten them. This is why they look in poor condition. Jonty
  2. Bleeker Wooden Stock

    My shooting colleague who is a teetcher says its Bl'eye'ker like you say James. I rang them a while back and Im sure the secretary called him that. I may have a few other names for them. Jonty
  3. Bleeker Wooden Stock

    Nah, Its the way they teach the young un's in skool nowadays, spell it as it sounds, just dont put it on eBay spelling it like that as you won't get many 'viewers and bidders'! Jonty
  4. I am looking to buy an Anschutz 1913 barrel and action or will consider a full rifle. If you have one, or know someone who has one they may sell, please send me a P.M. Thank You Jonty
  5. Hmmmm. Im not sure, but I think that was one of my old stocks. It was painted Renault blue by the previous owner. I think it was mentioned on here on another topic about how much stocks are devalued when someone paints them. Its usually to hide something nasty in my experience. And its at the end of the world in scotland. Maybe Alex Salmond could drop it off on his way to Parliament. Jonty
  6. Custom Sprayed 1907 .22 Rifle Stock

    Try it on eBay with a Buy it now of £250 and select to take Best Offer. Remember there is a 10% selling fee though. You can of course advertise it on here with a similar selling price. J
  7. Anschutz Precise Stock For Sale

    Yes, the Red ones are a thing of beauty, a gorgeous deep red, mine goes perfect with my eyes. Some of them are less appealing. I saw one that was 'purple splash' it had spits and blobs of varying colour over the base purple. Maybe Picasso shot smallbore. J
  8. BUMP Still looking. Any ideas or information about one welcome. Jonty
  9. Centra 22Mm Cantable Duo Glass-Sold-

    Sorry, its been sold elsewhere. Regards Jonty
  10. Shooting Jacket

    The best test, in my opinion, is to lay it down flat, fastened, and take measurements from side to side. and top to bottom etc. You can always check your own item of shooting or indeed clothing against these measurements. At least it will put you somewhere near your fitting. Jonty
  11. Gemini Butt Plate

    Ive not seen a TecHro in the flesh. The thing about the 'Armadillo' (4760) is that G&E made an almost identical copy of it, and Anschutz have re-introduced an updated version, so there must be strong demand for them. I like the 4765 too, but my favourite has to be the MEC Free position. Easy to use and looks great. Trouble is, again, not many come up second hand. try before before you buy is my advice. Jonty
  12. Gemini Butt Plate

    Have you had a good try with one? I use one on my FR703, but to be honest, I can't say its much better than a MEC Freeposition and similar ones. Before you 'invest' your hard earned dosh, I would suggest giving one a good try. They rarely come up, and you may, if you really desire one, have to buy new. At least, you'd get the colour you like. Jonty
  13. Try and keep up Slug (Ha ha) Julia posted on the 25 April that it was sold. But thank you for your attention and interest. Jonty
  14. Oh yes, I forgot my details- 999, Letsbe Avenue, Ewer Nicht, Dun jen. I will be out the evening of the 30th February and 31 June with Mrs Jonty. (I know how to spoil a lass) Jonts
  15. BUMP. Alas, I still have not found one. I would also welcome a 1907. If you have one, or know of one, please send me a P.M. I have a space on my F.A.C and some money tucked under the bedroom carpet. Thank You Jonty
  16. 1811 Trigger Guard And Bedding Bolts

    Check out ebay. There's someone in Romania who's always got trigger guards on. (He's probably living in London now). Jonty
  17. Huey, I'm pleased youve kept up your commitment on this issue, But- Whats going on. Is it something the wider community should be aware of? Has someone had a gun nicked or what? Is there something we should be looking out for? Veiled statements lead to an air of unhealthy imagination. You really need to be putting more flesh on the bones. Jonty
  18. Twiddly Thing

    Theres a guy who makes them for Tucker and Freeland stands and sells them on ebay. I think they are £20 or £25 which is the same price as one of the gun dealers sells them for, so I think they ought to be a bit cheaper really. But they are a very useful bit of kit, well worth getting one. Jonty
  19. There have been many entries on here about replacement bolts/screws and peoples guidance. My extra input is that you replace the action 'screws' with the slotted heads with bolts with 'Allen keyed' heads. The bolts are Metric Fine thread, so are very hard to get off the shelf. One way would be to have your local engineer rethread a standard M6 (if I remember the size correctly) bolt which is only threaded part way down the bolt, with M6 Fine thread, to the same length as your existing bolts/screws. I think one of the heads also needs reducing in diameter to enable it enter the stock. You can then use a Torque wrench on the bolts for accurate, consistent fastening. The bolts you buy are usually hardened tensile steel and will need 'tempering' to allow a thread to be cut onto them. I managed to buy a thread die, but it cut a poor thread on the early versions due to the hardness of the steel and soon wore out the die. I then tempered, cut the thread with a new die then re-hardened the bolts. (I must have been mad). Sounds complicated, yes it is a bit. Most of the bolts on the buttplate are standard with the exception of the bolt that fastens the hook to the plate. Again its metric fine. (Lets not go there again) I think you would struggle to get one of these off the shelf and are very hard to source (But Anschutz should have them). Jonty
  20. Thanks Nick, I have his details. I thought we would try the 'used' route first. J
  21. Bleiker Barrel And Action

    Hi, I sent you a P.M some time ago which you appear to have not read. Look at the top line of your scree and you should see a number in a red box at the side of a little envelope. Click on this and it will take you to my message. Regards Jonty
  22. You certainly amassed some quality gear in the short period you shot. I hope your injury improves, and who knows, you may again be able to shoot at some time. Always sad to see a shooter packing in. Good luck with your sale. Jonty
  23. For Sale: Mec/centra Duplex

    Let me get this right, Its OK for you to slag off someones's item they are wanting to sell, but you can't have anything said about your comments, yeah right. Squishy may be a good/great shot, and feels he doesnt need it. Did he like it though? Jonty
  24. For Sale: Mec/centra Duplex

    Chunter, I think you missed off the bit, 'In my opinion'. Many shooters use the MEC/Centra Duplex with great effect and have found it a great aid to improving scores. If I did'nt have poor eyesight and use lenses, I would certainly use one. To just state, 'you dont need one' is purely your opinion and certainly unhelpful to the person selling the item. Jonty