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  1. Gehmann 560 Superfilter Aos Microsight

    Have you seen this on the USA Target Talk? The seller, Jason, is also a member of this forum. http://targettalk.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=51126&sid=073308a45825f9e79bb276de38b48fed Jonty.
  2. I have for sale one Opticron adjustable zoom eyepiece. Part number 40918S This is for the Opticron IS series spotting scopes. It is in excellent condition. This will enhance your picture image immensely.
  3. Phil, Ive sent you a PM Thank You
  4. I have amended my ad as the eagle eyed among you will have noticed I had put the same photo on twice. Now amended to show two different views of the lens.
  5. Lee Enfield .22 Rifle Wanted

    Has anyone got, or know someone who has, a .22 Lee Enfield rifle they are interested in selling. I believe that some were made in .22 and that some were converted mainly for training purposes. Any suggestions, please send me a PM Thank You Jonty
  6. Lee Enfield .22 Rifle Wanted

    Thank you all for your input, I am still looking. Jonty
  7. Bits And Bobs For Sale

    Jamie, Could you check your PM's please. Jonty
  8. Left Handed Mec Stock For Anschutz

    Err...thanks Ooops. Soz. I was just trying to help. Some people sometimes don't see what is obvious to others. regards. Jonty
  9. Left Handed Mec Stock For Anschutz

    2,000 AUD equates to £960 (GB Pounds, in England, roughly, about, near as dammitt) Plus you would probably have a fee to pay for the currency conversion.
  10. Wanted - Anschutz Stock Rail

    Check out eBay. They are generally on there. Jonty
  11. Mec I Trigger For Sale

    I have for sale one MEC I trigger as per attached photo. The trigger will fit all Anschutz size trigger rails. The angled top allows the trigger to be positioned nearer to the rear if required. Very adjustable, and comes with allen key for adjustments to be made. A great bit of kit. New, they are now £65. I am looking for £40 to include postage .
  12. 4Mm Anschutz Front Sight Riser Block

    Michelle, how long did you live in Zummerzet. Oiy be thinking you turned turnip. Dont forget Tim, there are sites on the web where you can translate languages, not sure about dialects though. Be off with ya now. J
  13. Barry Nesom Turn-Over Foresight

    Thank you for that Professor Tim. I checked mine last night and the tube does turn without altering the bubble as I stated, but your right, it does sit on a collar, but I thought only us experts would need to know that Tim! And yes, the bore of the tube is 18mm. I would hazard at a guess though that the bore of an 18mm sight is less than 18mm as inserts for these are much smaller than for a 22mm (I think) Jonty
  14. Barry Nesom Turn-Over Foresight

    If I remember correctly, the bubble attaches to the sight body NOT the tube that slides through the centre. I have never had any movement of the bubble when moving from 50 to 100 and back to 50yds. After shooting at 50 yds and rotating the tube 180 degree to shoot at 100 yds I am always perfectly zeroed in the bull. When turning the sight, you need to undo the fastening ring a number of turns to enable the tube part to slide rearwards so that it clears the locating lug, then simply re tighten the ring when it re engages the lug and then continue shooting bulls! Jonty
  15. Barry Nesom 12" Tube For Bleiker

    PM sent. jonty
  16. Various Bits

    Do they only fit the Freeland stand? Will they fit the more preferred Tucker stand? Jonty
  17. Rifle Stock

    Sorry SRC, Think I will pass on that. Already put the money back under the bed! Jonty
  18. Rifle Stock

    I will have it SRC. No idea what it is, no idea what you want for it, but I will pay, but no idea when you will get paid. But I will! Jonty
  19. Vostok .22 Target Rifles Wanted

    Why Vostok? seems a strange choice unless you are intending to entertain some Cossacks! I shot a Vostok Strella in the early 70's ( OK I was one year old) It was tremendously heavy and had the two triggers as it was a 'hair trigger'. It put me off shooting for 30 years. I'm sure someone would love to get rid of one though! In my view they are the equivalent of the old Moscavich (Not sure of the spelling) Russian car compared to an Audi. There is one on Guntrader and a couple on Gunstar for sale. Jonty
  20. I am posting on behalf of a colleague who is looking for a Barry Nessom 22mm diameter turnover foresight that will fit the vee blocks on an 18 series barrel with the vee blocks. If you have one or know someone who has, please send me a P.M and I will let my friend know. Thanks Jonty
  21. No No No, we're not like that. It is also untrue that 50p pieces have edges so you can get them out of a Yorkshiremans hand with a spanner. I will check under the bed to see how many half crowns I have left from my last wage. Bobski, I have sent you a PM. Jonty
  22. Iris Sight For An Anschutz 1413

    Correct. Hope you find the right thing. Regards Jonty
  23. Iris Sight For An Anschutz 1413

    Do I detect that your issue is with not being able to see the sight diagram (The black bull area) very well, and the suggestion to you was that something to magnify the diagram may help? If I am correct, you may be wanting what is now called a sight correction lens, or as we used to say a magnifier' on the rear sight. These are products that you can 'zoom' in and out to improve your sight picture (If you know what I mean) As Tim says, the choices of what you can get in a rear sight screw in eyepiece are endless, and you need to know exactly what product you are wanting, or you will end up with something you did'nt want. Did you know, there are more people live in Yorkshire than there are in Scotland! Viva la Yorkie Home Rule. Me an Ms Sturgean have a plan. You South Yorks heathens will need to apply for a Special Dispensation when Wakefield becomes the new London. Jonty
  24. Bleeker Wooden Stock

    Personal choice Tim, probably why we have Gemini's. Harking back to what I said a short while ago, and others commented, some people can shoot like hell with a BSA Martini! I dont dispute some have achieved great results with the Bleiker wooden stock, but they would probably have done the same with a piece of 4X2 machined to take an action, if you know what I mean! There is a guy at our club, only in his 30's who for personal reasons has only shot once or maybe twice a year. When he can get down to the club, he invariably shoots a 99 then has to go. Shoots with a 1913 in a wood stock. I finally managed to shoot a 93 on a comp card this week, THREE eights and a nine. Maybe clay pigeon is calling? (But not yet) Think I might plane up a bit of 4x2 tomorrow. What work is required to enable a Bleiker to accept a different make barrel and action? G&E's will take other actions, but my Gemini will only take a Bleiker. I know Squishy gave some guidance about this, but if I remember correctly, it was the height of the trigger in situ that was the problem. Jonty J
  25. Bleeker Wooden Stock

    Sticking my neck out, I think Bleiker is renowned for his barrel and actions, not his stocks. Is there anyone on here who thinks they are the bees knees? All Bleikers seem to be stuck into something else, me included. A bit like the Triton motorbike, Triumph engine bunged into a Norton frame. best of both worlds. Jonts