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  1. Scope Stand.

    Does anyone hae a scope stand, (prone), they would like to part with, regards, Jim.
  2. Wanted Trigger Shoe

    Try this one. Shoe
  3. Centra Rearsight Mirror Inset

    Wanted, buy, hire or loan, for cross eyed target shooter.
  4. Dicounted Fuel!!

    No, when I've had petrol put up to a tenner a gallon and road tax to nearer 500 quid, your corsa will no longer be as cheap as it is and taking the bus will be significantly more cost effective. The National Conegstion Charge (which will make driving into Birmingham a castly excercise) shoudl solve the matter once and for all. Oh contre, the greedy private, remember there is no "public", transport companies will jack up prices in line with your increase in charges. Now, Sheffield had a great genuinely public transport system, all fares were 5 pence. Auntie maggies simple minded capitalism put paid to that, one month later bus use had gone down by 20% 3 months later down by 50% with a comeasurate increase in car use. £500.00 road tax, choose your wall comrade.
  5. Dicounted Fuel!!

    You will never get people onto public transport while it is so ridiculously over priced. My Corsa costs me 27p a mile to run all in. The buses here in Birmingham cost between 65p and £1.30p a mile. It is cheaper for me to drive my wife to work and then go and get her afterwards than a single one way trip on the bus.
  6. I'm Looking For ....

    You have mail.
  7. Parker Hale Filament Holder.

    I have a whole BSA International that is cluttering up my gun cupboard.
  8. 300 Bar Diving Cylinder

    Cylinders within the date of manufacture do not need a test cert. Carbon cylinders test dates are placed on the cylinder by way of a label encapsulated in epoxy resin. I vaguely remember that the 5 year thing went out with the updated regs but don't quote me as I have been retired for 3 months and so I have forgotten most of it. http://www.hse.gov.uk/cdg/pdf/standard/tpfw3.pdf