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  1. Trigger Shoe And Handstop

    I wanted to get hold of a couple of items which will hopefully stop me having accidental let-offs and a crushed left hand on a regular basis... i) a trigger shoe for an Anschutz 18 series (preferably something that swivels in its vertical axis like the one that looks like a wee silver meat-mallet) ii) a handstop that takes the sling away from my hand (and has some adjustment in it) - something along the lines of the MEC one would be good.... Thanks for any help on these
  2. Trigger Shoe And Handstop

    I've just got the Anschutz 6225 right now (the most basic one). Distance along the stock from my hand seems fine, but the vertical depth of the handstop isn't good enough (so squashes my palm against the rail) I was going to try the anschutz 4752 (the one with quick release lever) if anyone thinks it's OK (possibly not worth getting the MEC or something better if I don't need any lateral movement (yet!!). Any thoughts on a good trigger shoe are appreciated - I want something that rotates round the vertical axis; I liked the look of the wee silver meat mallet one - advice on whether this is good or bad are appreciated (also I wouldn't know wher you can buy them...) cheers