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  1. Ahg Sight Track

    Hi. I'm after an AHG Sight Track but don't want to pay £134 for a metal tube! The part is: AHG Sight Track Does anybody have or know of any being sold 2nd hand?? Or anywhere cheaper than that? I have found one on an American site for £99. And do they come in blue or is it just black? Thanks! J
  2. Left Handed Rifle

    We've had a left handed rifle with a right handed action and a converter before but it was awkward as hell apparently... Am checking out guntrader - not been there before... thanks!
  3. Left Handed Rifle

    Hey guys. I'm having real trouble locating a pretty standard medium weight left handed rifle here in Wales or the South West area for our club - we only have 1 with 6 left handed shooters this year. We only need something cheap - nothing more than £250-£300 max. I've been looking for about 2 months now to no avail. Any contacts would be greatly appreciated! J